• The best fly fishing lodge on the Skeena River system, fly fishing salmon holidays with Sportquest
  • Very happy customer and Andrew our head guide with their fish. Sportquest fly fishing holidays on the Skeena Rivers system BC
  • Andrew our head guide holds up a stunning King Salmon from the Skeena River system. Fly fishing holidays in British Columbia with Sportquest
  • Playing another hard fighting Steelhead on the Skeena River system, Sportquest fly fishing holidays
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Kalum River Lodge British Columbia Canada

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  • Mr Paul says:
    Overall rating:

    It was an unforgettable fishing experience I have never seen and caught so many different species of salmon, the scenery was stunning and the guides and hospitality at the lodge were excellent.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Paul, thanks for the feedback as it is much appreciated, plus also for taking the time to talk to me on the phone after your trip.

      I am happy that you both enjoyed the holiday, it is certainly a great place and Andrew and his team look after everyone very well.

      Just like to say again thanks for your custom as it is much appreciated and look forward in booking the next trip up with you both.

  • Mr Armstrong says:
    Overall rating:

    Everyone on the trip including myself had a great time with lots of fish. I have never caught so many salmon in a week and did not even think that was possible.

    The lodge, guides and all the staff made the whole trip a very memorable one.

    The only constructive criticism and tips for other travellers would be. The pre trip information for first time travellers could be a little clearer in what to take and not to take. The licencing that you have to complete online before travelling I found a bit confusing so a bit more detail in that would be helpful.

    Apart from that I have a great time and I am already looking to rebook for next year.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Hi John thanks for the feedback and also the time on the phone, I appreciate as always people giving us their views and tips on how we can improve any of the holiday experience. As you know its something I am passionate about is making sure that the total service / package received from Sportquest Holidays is 100% as this is what everyone says is the difference between us and our competition.

      I will sit down with Mike and give the pre trip info a overhaul and take the points you made onboard.

      I will also get you paperwork sorted for the return trip next year, as I am sure with prior experience this time you will be doubly prepared this time.

      Tight Lines Peter

  • Mr High says:
    Overall rating:

    My recent trip with Sportquest to Kalum Lodge was a lifetime experience fulfilled.

    I found the accommodation was very good and I have to say that the food was brilliant, which together created a good atmosphere at the lodge.

    The scenery was magnificent with the snow capped mountains, tree lined river scene.

    I really enjoyed the fishing and want to express my thanks to all the guides who all looked after us well making sure they put us on fish, which resulted in me catching my largest salmon to date.

    This experience is one that I will never forget and could only be put down to a combination of reasons I have expressed. A big thank you to everyone involved.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:


      Thanks for your feedback and chat on the phone, it was good to hear that you had a great time and congratulations on your record Salmon.

      We do appreciate your business as we understand that you do have a choice when booking and are glad that you choose Sportquest Holidays.

      See you on the river bank soon.

      Regards Peter

  • Mr Edmunds says:
    Overall rating:

    I thought the holiday was superb as in 2014. The lodge had a friendly family atmosphere and the local guides were excellent. I caught 51 fish for the week with the highlight being the very last day. The combination of the run of fresh, sea-liced Sockeye Salmon, The large Coho Salmon and achieving my ambition of catching two Steelhead made for the best days fishing of my life.

    I would recommend this trip to anyone.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Tim it was such great news to hear that you finally got what you wanted some Steelhead action. Even when I spoke to John he said one of the highlights of his trip was being there when you caught those 2 fish as they meant so much to you.

      Again thank you for your custom and I am sure we will get you on to the fish next year but in Norway this time.

      Again thanks a lot Regards Peter

  • Mr Armstrong says:
    Overall rating:


    We had a fantastic holiday and everything ran like clockwork as usual thanks to Mel and the team at sportsquest in summary world class fishing if not the best, in a superb and faultlessly run lodge – what more could one ask for !

    We had tonnes of fish – 191 between the 2 of us for the week hooked and played and 56 landed. Not bad given we spent 3 full days purely chasing Steelheads and had a half day off.

    I’ll be going back next year, maybe a week or so later and will speak with Mark and Ron to see if they want to come. Maybe we can sort out the arrangements in a week or two.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Hey so glad you liked it or should I say loved it. I said you would not believe just how good the fishing was and how much you would enjoy fighting those Chum Salmon.

      Just give me a call when you are free and we can look at sorting out dates for the return trip next year.

      Pleasure as always Regards Peter

  • Mr Brewster says:
    Overall rating:

    Hi Peter,Just quick email firstly to thank you for supplying me a first class fishing experience. my Holiday to Kalum Lodge ,was excellent.

    Great Lodge second to none immaculate very professional home from home.
    Great Food to die for and Andrew and Wife brilliant team.

    Great Fishing shame about barbless hooks , I lost three very large fish of a lifetime ,but rules are rules.

    Guides all of them brilliant and learnt a lot.

    Scenery to die for.

    I only have one criticism we had dinner after fishing we chatted about the day and had a great social evening,but it was not discussed in detail all our options and detail of the different waters were we could fish for the next day.

    I felt I missed the chance of fishing a different water ,I found out to late to choose .
    If you want to catch fish Kalum Lodge is the place
    If you want a fishing holiday of a lifetime Kalum Lodge

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Thanks for your feedback and I look forward chatting on the phone to you.

      Shame you lost a few good fish but as you say rules are rules, however the good thing is there are alway plenty more fish of a lifetime in the river waiting to eat your fly again.

      I look forward in assisting you again on another great Salmon fishing trip.

  • Watson says:
    Overall rating:

    Another memorable week at The Kalum River Lodge. Great fishing and a great lodge. Very many thanks to Deanna and Andrew for looking after us so well and to Andrew, Pierrot and Glen for the expert guiding.

    A brief fishing report from my perspective as requested:

    A memorable week, what I really like is the variety of fishing on offer from the 40 metre wide Kitimat to the 400 metre wide Lower Skeena. Plus a challenging day on the fast flowing Kalum and then the runs on the Upper Skeena.

    Fishing wise I landed 55 fish, (24 Pink, 15 Chum, 9 Sockeye, 3 Dolly Varden, 2 Coho, 1 Chinook and 1 Steelhead). I had brief encounters (some not so brief) with at least the same number of fish again that did not make the bank.

    My fishing highlights were:
    A 25lb Chum on the first day.
    The first 5 fish on the second day being 5 different species.
    Seeing Tim completely made up landing a steelhead lunchtime on the last day after 2 years of trying and then catching a 12lb Steelhead myself to complete a week grand slam.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      John it was a pleasure to have you as always. So glad Steelhead John got a few more fish. I bet you are already looking forward to your return trip in just over 1 months time (Prime Steelhead time)

      Give me a call when you are free as it will be great to have a chat.

      Thanks for your continued business

      Regards Peter

  • Mr Watterson says:
    Overall rating:

    Nearest things too heaven with out being there and if this is heaven I have no problems about ever going there.

    Just rebooked to return again for our third trip as we can not get enough

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Jim & Billy

      It was a pleasure to talk to you again about your trip. I know both us Andrew and Deanna love having you guys over. You are always a pleasure to deal with.

      I look forward to more pictures and will put some on our website once we receive them.

      I have already rebooked your weeks for next year.

      Thank you for your continued support and custom kind regards Peter

  • Mr Robert says:
    Overall rating:

    Was a trip to remember. A1 lounge, Meals and guides. Andrew and Deanne make you feel at home. Seen a monster steelhead lost. Guide said it was the biggest one he had ever seen.
    Robert Hayes

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      HI Robert, it was great talking to you on the phone as it is also a special place for me. I personally can not wait to go back, I think its fair to say that I have both King and Steelhead fever :)

      Look forward in getting you back out there twice next year buddy.

      Thanks for choosing to travel with Sportquest Holidays.

      Kind Regards Peter

  • Mr Watson says:
    Overall rating:

    Great trip. Good company, well organised and a lot of fun. The Lodge was clean and comfortable and the food was spot on.

    I struggled with the fishing on the first day but after working on the techniques with the help of the knowledgable guides I ended up catching my share of some fantastic fish..

    I rarely see my backing but on this trip I had to repair the knot connecting it to the fly line as it had been ripped through the rod rings so many times.

    The usual set up was a double handed rod and heavy sink tips. I stuck with a 10ft single handed 8 weight and a Teeny T 300 line. I'm glad I did, it may have been harder work but it was a lot of fun as the week progressed.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:


      Thank you for taking the time to complete your feed back form, plus your comments during the trip and via e-mail. All these points help us to maintain and constantly improve the customer service we provide to everyone.

      I loved the comment about catching your share of the fish :) as from now on we can only refer to you as Steelhead John, being the group leader with this species.

      You fished hard and worked well all week so you deserved every fish that you caught.

      As requested I will look at getting you added to the trip again next year as I am sure that the unfinished business you have involves some huge Kings on the Kalum River, as that day with Ken was a real day to remember.

      Talk soon kind regards Peter

      • Our supplier says:

        It is good to hear such positive guest feedback.

        All of us at the Kalum River Lodge really enjoyed your hosted week.
        It was good to see everyone catching some super fish and for a few lucky anglers some nice early season Steelhead.

        We look forward to next year's hosted trip and judging from the feedback, several of this years group will be back again for some more great fishing.

        Best regards

  • Mr Beharrell says:
    Overall rating:

    Just a note to thank you for a very enjoyable trip.

    The hospitality shown to us all by Andrew and Deanne was exceptional. The patience and knowledge of the guiding again was excellent and informative. As a beginner I learnt more about spay casting and salmon fishing than, as an occasional fly fisherman, I had in the last ten years.

    The group led by Peter and Tracy was very friendly and made me feel most welcome.

    This was my first trip with Sportquest and it will not be my last.

    A big thank you to all concerned.

    Kind regards

    • Peter Collingsworth says:


      Thank you for all our kind words about both the lodge, guides and our services. It was also a pleasure in having you with us as spending time with likeminded people sharing a passion is always a pleasure.

      I loved having you with us on the first day of fishing as I still can remember you catching your first salmon before any of us had even stepped in to the water.

      I will be collating all the pictures and distributing out to everyone soon.

      I look forward in managing any future bookings for yourself in the future. We have lots of fly fishing holidays to tempt you

      Tight Lines Peter

  • Mr GAY says:
    Overall rating:


    • Peter Collingsworth says:


      Thanks for joining us on the trip, your company was entertaining as always. I am glad that you and everyone else had a great time, it was also good to see that you finally got to land some of the bigger fish that you had been hooking all week. It seemed at one point that the biggest fish in the river wanted to make a dive for your flies so they could give you a good run all over the river. Hey but thats part of the fun of fishing.

      I look forward in having you along on another fly fishing trip soon.

      Kind Regards Peter

  • Mr Parkinson says:
    Overall rating:

    The first day I thought I had died and gone to fishing heaven !!!!!!
    By the second day I knew I had

    Regards Ken

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Hi Ken

      If I remember correctly each day heaven just got better and better. I can still hear the little squeaks as the fish walked you down the river each time :)

      Look forward in having you along for the ride again soon for some fishing holidays.

      Kind Regards Peter

      • Our supplier says:

        Dear Ken,

        I remember your big smile when you returned to the lodge each day and the tales of the big fish that were hooked but sadly got away.

        Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again sometime - you have some unfinished business with some large fish!!

        With kind regards


  • Mr Dugdale says:
    Overall rating:

    Nigel & Shelagh had a fabulous holiday, excellent accommodation, really good company, food Wonderful and looked after exceptionally well.

    It was everything we expected plus a bit more

    Many thanks

    Nigel & Shelagh

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Nigel & Shelagh

      Or should I say the duke and duchess :)

      It was a please having you both on the trip, your spirit and love for life was a real pleasure to have on a group trip.

      I trust you caught all the fish you wished for?

      Love to have you both with us on another trip again soon, what sort of fly fishing holiday do you both fancy next I wonder

      Kind Regards Peter

      • Our supplier says:

        Dear Nigel and Shelagh,

        We are very pleased to hear that you had a super holiday. It was a pleasure having you at the lodge. Both Deanna and I really enjoyed our time with you.

        Hopefully we will see you again for another week of great fishing and relaxing in the Honeymoon Suite.

        Best wishes

        Andrew and Deanna

  • Mr Harrison says:
    Overall rating:

    Great lodge, food, hosting and guiding thanks Sportquest

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Andrew, thanks for booking with us and we are glad you both had a great time, both Andrew and his partner do an amazing job in looking after all our guests. Hope to see you again soon, regards Peter

  • Mr Roke says:
    Overall rating:

    Travelled in September and enjoyed the trip from start to finish, fishing was hard do to low water.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Richard, thanks for your kind comments, it is so nice to hear that you enjoyed the trip even though the fishing conditions were not good. We look forward in having you back with us soon, regards Peter

  • Mr Williamson says:
    Overall rating:

    Travelled part of a group of three rods.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Hi Robin thanks for filling in the feedback form, we hope to see you back someday soon. Regards Peter

  • Mr McPherson says:
    Overall rating:

    This is a particularly difficult trip to rate or comment scrupulously fair on.The 'hype' on the Skeena and Kalum Rivers is so broadly broadcast, one expects the trip to compare perhaps even with Bristol Bay and/or Villa Maria. Whilst I do not doubt the presence/existence of the leviathan Steelheads and Salmon having seen numerous photographs of them over the years we did not see anything of size other than the few Chinook approaching and having reached the end of their time. The carcasses on the River banks were adequate testament to the numbers of fish in the Skeena system.
    The scenery was spectacular and the Rivers majestic - however with the lowest water recorded for many years and the highest temperatures it was fairly clear that fly-fishing would be extremely difficult. The fish (all species?) were almost glued to the bottom and fishing hard for up to 8 hours a day for three of our days - without a touch - proved to be particularly discouraging. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and helpful but could do little to put us on to fish that simply were not moving or there in abundance.

    Andrew and Deanna were exemplary hosts and did their utmost to make us feel at home.
    The food was first class and we were well looked after. As stated in the beginning of this piece of feedback, I have found it very difficult to write in a way that would give a true reflection of the Kalum Lodge Adventure. I have, for example rated the fishing as 'adequate' whilst in effect it was poor - accepting perhaps that this was attributable to the poor weather during our stay.
    I trust this 'report' will be read in the spirit in which it is intended.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      David, thanks for a very fair report, there is nothing more annoying than very bad weather conditions for fishing, you go in peak times and then as you quite rightly said with the lowest water levels and high temperatures for many many years means that you have a huge challenge to try and catch anything. You quite correctly pointed out the fishing on these rivers is world famous and it would be great to have you all back another year so you can see the rivers true potential. Although we can not control the weather I do like all customers to have a good time so I will sort you out all a deal on your next trip. Kind Regards Peter

  • Mr Kynaston says:
    Overall rating:

    Andrew and Deana are great. Weather was bad low water for the time of year. But that is the game so they say. We fished one spot for two days. They say the fish move so we needn't. In the nicest way, Andrew is a bit crazy. We got on well and will keep in touch with them and still have in finished business with the Steelheads!

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      David, thanks for travelling with us again and thanks for the feedback. I am so sorry that the water levels for the three of you were so so low. As you know the river was not in the right conditions for fishing, this did not just effect our lodge but the whole watershed. As you said you have unfinished business so we need to get you boys back out there again soon.

  • Mr Hayes says:
    Overall rating:

    Everything was fantastic, loved the fishing only had one mess up on the way back. I had to pay for my transfer from lodge to airport (Taxi) apart from that you have to check this place out.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Robert, glad you enjoyed the trip the fishing is great when the water levels are normal. I am sorry about the transfer, we have sent you a cheque to reimburse you for this. Have no idea why that happened as it has never happened before. Some miss communication between the taxi and the lodge I think. However glad it all got sorted and it did not distract from the total trip. See you again soon regards Peter

  • Mr Edwards says:
    Overall rating:

    10 out 10 I had a great trip so a huge thank you to you and all your staff, plus Andrew at the lodge as they were amazing hosts providing top class fishing and food. Love to come back someday.

    • Peter Collingsworth says:

      Hi David, thanks for all the great feedback I will surely pass on these comments to our lodge and staff, its so nice for us and them as everyone does work hard to make sure you receive the holiday of a lifetime. Regards Peter


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