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Sailfish fishing guatemala

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala

Mr Pearl & Mr Blacker have recently returned from A Memorable Trip In Guatemala. You may have read on the blog about the unbelievable first few days fishing, well the fishing didnt slow down for the whole week! Read what they had to say about the memorable trip right here!

Hi Peter just a few lines to let you know how much we enjoyed our fishing trip to Guatemala from the minute we landed we were looked after by the rep who called himself jeremy so we would remember his name. To the time we were dropped back at the airport a week later.

The holiday surpassed our expectations the food the hotel & the weather.But the fishing was out of this world between the two of us we had 58 sailfish from about 80 pounds upto about 150 pounds & we had approx 25 to 30 Doradro up to about 28 pounds. we had a quick work out of the figures & that works out at 1 Sailfish every 30 minutes over the 5 days fishing not including the Dorado which were great fun & would have been good sport on light tackle. All the boats & there crew were fantastic & we left the marina bang on time every day so we got as much fishing as possable. please see the photos attached Daved is the one with the Sailfish i am the one in the light blue shirt.

Thanks H Blacker

Ps we are saving our pennies for the next time.

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala

A Memorable Trip In Guatemala


  1. Neil Shaw

    Great report, now that is what I call fishing a Sailfish every 30 mins, fantastic that has sure got to have been the best holiday you guys have every had. Tell us more guys, plus any more pictures.

  2. Rod G

    Have been told buy the guys at Angling Direct Holidays that this was the best place to try and catch Sailfish on the fly. I was not sure as I have had so much bull from other companies, but reading your report although you guys used light tackle with that much action it must make good sport opportunities for the fly. Anyone else had experience please.

  3. Tom Snail

    Just a quick note to say love the stories and pictures plus now can comment on these blogs. I follow you on twitter, keep you the good work

  4. The Fin

    I have fished on the same boat for the last 2 years and belive me this report is the norm and not a one off trip. try it and you will love it.

  5. Administrator

    Thanks for the comments! It does seem that Guatemala is the place for Sailfish! Should hopefully get out and sample some of that later this year! Looking forward to trying to catch a few on the fly rod!

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