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What Is The Best Camera On The Market?

As many of you must realise we at Sportquest Holidays love seeing pictures and videos from all of your wonderful holidays that you kindly send to us, but one thing we in the office are stuck on is what is the best all round camera/video recorder on the market for both underwater shots and normal photography?

It is a very tricky subject as so many people want different things from their cameras and we have not yet discovered an all rounder. Perhaps you have? If so, please do tell us so we can pass this very useful information on to our many travellers. We would like to know cameras that are very easy to use, as they say just point a shot right up to the most complicated SLR’s, what ever your thoughts are we would love to hear them.

Cameras are sometimes personal thing and some people will only use a certain type but the average holiday maker just wants a camera that takes good quality pictures and does not break the bank.

We would love to know your thoughts. We recently purchased a Go-Pro Hero for what we thought was going to be some great underwater footage and was slightly disappointed with what we got. We go to some fantastic destinations and catch some of the world’s prettiest fish and would love to get some live underwater footage of these fish in their natural environment _1




We would also like the camera to take good quality stills and we know we probably are asking a lot but there must be a comprise out there somewhere.

So please feel free to leave any comments and help us make a decision on a new camera

Look forward to reading your thoughts

All the best

Paul Stevens


  1. John Agnew

    I’ve got the GoPro3 and was hoping to use it on our trip in April. a little disappointed the wireless doesn’t work with my iphone underwater (tried it in my pond).
    I was impressed with the quality though but saying that, I suppose the deeper you go and the darker it gets could be a problem.
    Would welcome some ideas on how best to get some underwater footage.

  2. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    Hi John, what APP have you got? as we have had ours working under water and had the image sent to phone. We have only put ours under about a metre of water.



    1. John Agnew

      Hi Paul, I used the iphone app as suggested on the GoPro site from the Apple app store. It was a while ago so maybe there was a problem and I should check if it has been updated. Need to wait till my new iphone arrives though 😉 Mines wasn’t deep but I lost the signal as soon as it went under water. Obviously it still records fine until stopped.

      1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

        Morning John

        Yes we downloaded the app about a month ago and we have used it recently and it worked fine. We have now purchased a rear view screen for our GoPro so we can see what we are filming because that was another thing that drove me mad was that you didnt really know what you had filmed until you where home….

        I will be taking ours next week when i go to Norway hopefully get some good footage with it

        Let me know how you get on with the new App

        All the best


  3. john milne

    I use a pentax optio ws80. Stills. video and underwater work. Fantastic in every way

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi John, looks like a good camera and i have seen people using them. Have not heard any complaints about this cameras it might be one to look out for

      They do some great point and shoot cameras now a days

      Thanks for the advice


  4. David Bardens

    I’m on my second Olympus Tough. The new model is first class. It works well under water. It’s a bit bigger than the previous model. Even better with the additonal lenses.

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