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Huge Soroya Skrei Cod

First Customers Arrive at Soroya in Hopes of Big Cod

The guys over at Soroya have just had their first customers of the year. The guides took them out to target the Big Skrei Cod…… Well, we will let them tell you the story below!

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Banger Day With 4 Over 30kg – 34kg Top Fish

Even tho we have a pandemic hanging over us like a grey cloud, we still have the joy to have a few Norwegian guests! Today we guided Pasvik for a small sesh for Cod, and some of the other groups went out on their own. We fished on different spots, but the big fish was obviously in the mood today…
In the guide entourage, we had only 2 hours of effective fishing, and this resulted in several nice fish, with the top fish being 30.2kg, 22kg and 20kg. That’s two good hours for ya!

The other groups had been out for several hours, and boy did that pay off..
One boat had 4 fish estimated at over 30kg! The biggest fish, unfortunately, died when they tried to release it, and this fish weighed 34kg! According to these guys, the other fish was well around the same size. Nice work!

To sum it up we had 5 fish weighed or estimated over 30kg, 25 fish over 20kg and loads over 15kg…
There simply isn’t anywhere else on the planet where this is possible!
Welcome to us here at Sørøya!

Stay safe & tight lines!
//Bilal & Daniel

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