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Get Ready For The Nubian Flats 2021 Season

The sheer expanse of the Nubian flats is hard to comprehend. Ten years ago we started exploring the fly fishing potential of this amazing and unique ecosystem, and after our first few trips we began to appreciate the intricacies and magnitude of the area. The beauty of the area is, that even after 10 years guiding fly fisherman and woman from around the world on the Nubian flats, there remains vast areas that have yet to see a fly angler.

We are a few weeks away from the start of our 2021 season, and what a season it is going to be. We are running two separate liveaboard boats, each of which will be operating on different sections of the coast, over different parts of the season. This situation is a culmination of all that we have learnt about this ecosystem and over the last decade.

To say that the pandemic has intensified the desire to get back out there and explore is a massive understatement. There are a handful of spots available – if anyone is keen to join us for a trip of a lifetime, then get in touch today.

these trips are the exact opposite of the lockdown that we have all endured – more space, sunshine, adventure, comradery, and happiness than you dare to fit into 10 days.

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To learn more about this tour, make sure to visit the tour page which can be found here, or why not take a closer look at some of the videos over at our Youtube channel which capture this fantastic destination.

Tight lines,

Peter Collingsworth

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