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Great fishing and great weather in Havöysund

Yet another unmissable week at Havoysund, Norway really doesn’t disappoint! Ill hand you over to Doulas to break down the week –

A great week in Havöysund

Last Wednesday, a group finally came to us over in Havöysund after a week without guests at the camp. The forecasts for the week looked magical, there were 5 people in the group, so I decided the first day to drive my own boat and guide them. Once in place , we timed the current perfectly in the morning and already in the first drift I hooked in a really nice fish on the spin gear and got myself a really good fight, the fish rushed like crazy many times but I finally landed the fish after a little while which came in at 148 centimetres. When I shouted on the radio to the guests who were just a short distance next to me about the fish, I saw that they were landing a fish with them so I drove there, once I got to them they had a really nice fish by the boat and measured their first fish of the week at a lovely 150 centimeters!

So it was a really successful first run for the week. After this we set up a new drift and not long after the guests hook in another big fish, after a while when I drive away to them they have another fish in the 150-centimeter class on the Halibut hook but unfortunately this fish succeeded in tearing off and swimming away… Ah well, stuff happens and we drove on!

Further down the drift, we pulled up a bunch of smaller fish before we moved on to a new area. At the new location, I drove around a bit before I found a spot I wanted to fish where the drift worked well, immediately I had a bite, but only a couple of minutes later I got another bite and managed to set the hooks. I immediately felt that it was an ok fish but it was not super heavy, the fish was quite calm and stood pounding at the bottom for a while before I had to turn it over and pump it up to the boat. It turned out to be another cannon fish of 146 centimetres. The boys in the other boat joined the spit where there seemed to be some fish and when we set up for a new drift. I landed more smaller fish that I dropped after a while and immediately after that for the guys in the other boat it was double bite time with two fine fish of around the meter mark.

The days after this, the guys have continued to have great fishing out there and the weather has been magical, they have caught a lot of Halibut, continued to find nice Cod and Coalfish and landed another nice Halibut of 148 centimeters, absolutely fantastic I would say. It will be really exciting to see what they can manage to save in the coming days!

Tight Lines // Doulas Dahlberg

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