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Hosted Mefjord 2019.. Only 3 Spaces left!!


Calling all anglers who are wanting to go on the trip of a lifetime to Mefjord Norway..



Our hosted trip to Mefjord in 2019 is going to be one not to be missed, leaving on the 3rd April 2019 and returning on the 10th April 2019 you will have not 1 but 2 Sportquest guides hosting the trip, thats 2 boats each with a host taking you to the marks, finding you the fish and letting you just get on with catching your fish of a lifetime.



Once booked we will keep in contact with you up to the date of the trip, ensuring that any queries you may have are answered and just generally making sure you are ready to hit the monster Skrei Cod once we get to the camp. The main group will be flying from London Gatwick , however if that airport is not convenient then we can look at alternative airports such as Edinburgh or Manchester. Landing at Oslo you will have a short wait to catch the next flight up to the remote airport of Bardufoss, meaning you can grab a bite to eat or have a drink if you want. Once at Bardufoss you will make your way through customs, grab your bag and be met by a Mefjord Brygge representative who will then transport you in a lovely comfortable private minibus to the camp. If you fancy grabbing a bite to eat then the driver will happily pull over at one of the shops on the way so you can get some food.



After the 1.5hour transfer to Mefjord you will arrive at the camp, trust me when I say you will be speechless at the beauty of this place, the snow capped mountains that surround the camp are breathtaking and with Sea Eagles swooping through the harbour on regular occasions this really is a place of true Natural Beauty. Once in the accommodation you will have time to unpack, relax and recharge those batteries ready for the next days fishing out on the open sea. The hosts will be staying in the same accommodation as you so will be on hand at all times to help with any advice you need in regards to any aspect of the trip, the hosts will have a sit down session on the first evening of the trip to go through what will be happening on the fishing days of the trip, tactics, tackle and just generally what to expect.



After a good nights sleep its time to get out after those massive Skrei Cod that are just outside the Fjord, not before breakfast though, you need fuel for the day ahead and the hosts would always recommend taking a pack up out with you to eat on the boat. The fishing can really be hectic and you will get hungry very quickly, hauling up 40lb Cod one after the other takes a fair bit of energy and without food in the belly you will start finding it hard. The hosts will escort you down to the boats where you will load your gear on and soon we will be making our way out of the harbour to the marks. With the host driving the boat you can sit back and enjoy the trip out into the sea, we as hosts will have already discussed with the camp owner to find out where the shoals have been holding up and will head out there first, this is to ensure you get maximum fishing time straight away, if the fishing is slow we will soon be searching for them. We will not stay in an area if it is not producing, the hosts will work hard to ensure you catch those fish.



Once everybody agrees that they have had enough for the day we will take you back  to the harbour where if you have bought fish back you can take it into the excellent filleting room and fillet your fish, then pack it away in the super cold freezer room until you leave (maximum of 20kg fish per angler to be taken home).  After each days fishing this will be the case and then you are free to do what you want in the evenings,the cabins have very good WIFI so you sit on the internet whilst you relax and the cooking facilities are superb meaning you can cook whatever you fancy for dinner and it is even possible to arrange for the onsite restaurant to cook for you. Its always a great atmosphere in the cabins at night, everybody swaps their stories of the days fishing and unwinding with a beer or whisky  finishes the day off lovely, meaning we will all be unwound and recharged for the next days antics.




Whilst out on the sea here we have the chance of seeing plenty of wildlife, on 2018’s trip we had Humpback Whales within feet of the boat everyday and the birdlife was phenomenal with lots of cheeky Puffins around the boat along with Gannets and the obligatory Pterodactyl sized Seagulls.



Obviously being Norway the weather can play a part in wether we get out of the Fjord but at this destination at this time of year we are certain there is a definite chance of a 90lb+ big girl, the Skei are all full of spawn still and this means they are super sized, with the biggest on 2018’s trip being a 72lb monster with more 40lb’ers than you could shake a stick at, when you see anglers shaking 40’s off at the side of the boat rather than take pictures you know the fishing is immense.



So what are you waiting for, if you are a first time Norway angler or just wanting the relaxed Norway experience then this trip is for you, our hosts Paul Stevens (over 10 years guiding Norway experience) and Matt Crowe will be happy to have you along with them.

Call the office on 01603407596 and have a chat with either Paul or Matt to find out more

Hopefully we will be seeing you in 2019 smashing your PB and maybe even making a new World Record

To find out more about this trip then CLICK HERE.

Tight Lines

Matt Crowe

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