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Irigoyen River | Argentina | Questions & Answers

Relatively unknown to the modern world of travelling anglers, the Irigoyen river and its sister systems in southernmost Tierra del Fuego win top honours for the smallest systems with the largest Sea-run Trout. No other system comes close to this for Trout anglers who enjoy small water, complex woody stream structure, solace from the wind and the chance to land multiple Sea Trout in the 10–20lb class on their favourite 7 weight rod.

Where is the lodge?

On a remote, 45,000 acre ranch in Tierra del Fuego, 180 kilometres south of Rio Grande, Worlds End Lodge sits within Southern Beech forests, overlooking the Irigoyen River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Where do they fish?

4 lucky customers each week fish the Irigoyen River and its main tributary, the Malenguena River. The first 3 beats empty into the Atlantic Ocean and is easily accessed all by walking on foot. These beats offer amazing fishing for Sea Trout and Robalo (also known as Falkland Mullet or Rock Cod). The two upper beats are accessed by 6 wheeled amphibian ATV’s. The majority of the Irigoyen River is only 20 – 35 yards wide with lots of pools ladened with log jams.


How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

This depends on which zone you are fishing but anything from 5 mins to 45 mins for the end zones.

What fish will I catch?

On the Irigoyen River the main species and target species are the Sea Trout. However, there are also Robalo (Falkland Mullet or Rock Cod) which can grow to around 15lb and make great sport on a fly rod.


How many fish will I catch?

The Irigoyen River catch rates can vary depending on the water conditions and the weather. However, the lodge keeps detailed daily catch records and we can see from these that on average guests land 2.2 fish per day averaging around 9-10LB

How do they fish?

You will fish both a morning and evening session on all the beats with two guests to one guide.  The Irigoyen River is different from the more well-known rivers such as the Rio Grande and Gallegos Rivers. The Irigoyen River demands a single handed rod to make precise casts along log jams or effectively cover the Irigoyen’s narrow width. You will be mainly fishing with full floating lines but it is also advisable to bring both intermediate and sink tips at different rates.


Do the guides speak English?

All the guides and lodge staff speak very good English.

Who is best suited to this destination?

The fishing on the Irigoyen River is suitable for all levels of anglers. Because it is more sheltered compared to other famous rivers it is far easier to cast for beginners with a single handed rod. On the other hand, this is a place where stealth and good casting skills can make a difference.


What skill level is required?

The more proficient you are at casting, the more fish you will catch. This is because the river is not very wide so there is no need for big long distance casting. You are far better off being an accurate caster with a good gentle presentation than someone looking to cast to the horizon.

How physically demanding is this trip?

Some of the pools are an easy walk. The walking is not too difficult as the river has nice stony banks. You may have to clamber over the odd log jam on the river bank. Upstream the Irigoyen River is accessed by ATV’s so the walking is limited.



When is the best time to go?

December through to March.

How will I get there?

Fly from the UK to Buenos Aires on arrival many customers take an overnight in Buenos Aires. Then the following morning it’s just a short flight to Ushuaia and from there a 4 hour transfer to the Irigoyen River and the Worlds End Lodge

What is the accommodation like?

The lodge has three cabins. A guest cabin with 4 single or double rooms (according to requirements) with private bathroom in each room and comfortable beds. There is also a warm wader room at your entrance.

The next cabin is the dining room and is only 30 meters from the guest cottage; the warmth and comfort make this space our favourite place to enjoy talks and appetizers.

The third cabin is a comfortable fly/gift shop which also has a large living room. Radiators and wood stoves are used to heat the cabins and they all come with 220 volt electricity supply. The lodge has free WiFi and there is a satellite phone service however both are subject to weather conditions.


What is the food like?

The food consists of a mix between gourmet and classic Argentine cuisine where the good wine (Malbec preference) and the best cuts of meat stand out, as well as the best lamb in the world, a speciality that our chef prepares every week.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

The lodge does not provide tackle however there is some loaner equipment should anyone’s luggage get delayed or lost.


Is internet and phone signal available?

There is satellite phone coverage and limited WiFi internet. Please note the coverage and speed of these can and is affected by the weather conditions.

Are there other activities available?

Apart from taking walks to see the wildlife and birdlife, there is not much else to do.

How much does it cost?

Visit the Irigoyen River Argentina Sea Trout page. For prices and availability click the “Dates & Prices” tab.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel Sportquest Holidays can book just the lodge and fishing for you.

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