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Its been a tough week out in Nappstraumen

This week has been peppered in tough weather but then it turns out that the pacific trauma can still deliver good fish. With the slightly unique location we have, we have been able to fish almost every day but with only one day out on the outside of the Lofoten Islands. There have been several Halibut on our trips, however, all have been below average size wise. The first few days we fished in the immediate area and took shelter from wind and waves. There has been lots of Cod, although these have been on the smaller size. However, the Coalfish and Pollock have fought quite well with light tackle. There has also been a lot of Plaice fishing for the anglers that has been very productive. The Plaice have been on the move with many great fish between 40 to 50 cm.

However, the end of the week got better and we came out on the north side the last day, there the Cod were alot bigger with several around the 10 kg class.We also had a group that chose to fish in a different area than what the rest of the gang did. In the middle of an drift, they were interrupted by a killer whale family who were curious and checked out the boat just a few meters away!

Unfortunately, it looks like there will continue to be strong winds into next week as well, so we have to keep our fingers crossed that it will pass quickly or that it will change.

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