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Jack Simpson hosted fly fishing cuba

Jack Simpsons Hosted Week Ana Maria

Jack Simpsons Hosted Week Ana Maria and having just got back from my 2012 November hosted week to Ana Maria in the un-spoilt archipelago Jardines de la Reina. Sportquest Holidays have informed me that my 2013 November week is filling up fast with only 4 Potential open slots for this week.

For our 2013 November Ana Maria Week, we have again managed to secure the well appointed Halcon Yacht and the first confirmed 8 bookings will be on the Halcon and rooms allocated accordingly. If we get more interest we will also have the Caballones Yacht, which will accommodate 4 more anglers in single cabins.

Our 2012 week demonstrated again what a un-spoilt well managed location the archipelago Jardines de la Reina is with possibly the most varied number of species of any location in the Northern Hemisphere. For the flats fly fishing enthusiasts there is fantastic bone fishing, from the guided skiffs or wading the many flats. This year we caught good numbers of bones averaging 3lbs with several 27 in (7lb) and 28ins (8lb) Specimens landed. There is also a good chance of permit on the ocean side flats and this year we had some good shots to hook up with the holy grail of fly-fishing but again the permit proved to be the most frustrating of all the flats species to hook and land on a fly.

The previous week I fished a new location in the North and got a superb 25llb permit and lost another, which pulled the hook when it snagged my backing in beds of sea grass.

Back at Ana Maria my group had great sport with big Jack Crevalles some to 20lbs and several double hook-ups, both anglers in the skiff playing big jacks at the same time.

November is not normally the best time of the year for the tarpon, but this year our guides put us onto some big schools of 20lb to 35lb silver kings. For our week we hooked and jumped 22 and landed 12 which is excellent for November.

I always advise my clients to bring a spinning outfit and again this proved to be good advise with excellent sport with the jacks and barracuda to 20lbs and some close encounters using surface poppers on some big sand sharks, some we estimated to be over 200lbs. To be honest if we had hooked one of these big brutes I think it would have been close encounters of a short time on the 25blb test lines being used.

November is the time of year when big schools of Skipjack tuna run along the reef drop off and you can see the gulls and terns working over the ever moving schools of feeding fish. Trolled or casting of small jigs and plugs will normally bring some solid hook ups with these very tough fighting 8lbs to 12lbs tuna and very good eating they are to!

The fish of the week has to be the 45 Cubera Snapper landed on a surface popper on 25lbs line by Bill Sowerbuts fishing the last hour on the Saturday morning before we departed back to the Cuban mainland. These are super strong reef fish that normally take you down into their rocky reef home and snag you up and break your line. Others were lost this way. So at Jardines de la Reinas location your week is never over until you make your last cast.

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