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Big Game Fishing La Gomera Canary Islands Q&A

La Gomera is the ideal big game fishing destination for anyone who does not like long flights. It is also perfect for a family fishing holiday as the island is packed with other attractions to keep the entire family entertained.  You will be fishing some of Europe’s most prolific waters for species such as Blue Marlin and massive Giant Bluefin Tuna. A big advantage of this fishing holiday is that all fishing tackle is included.

Where is the hotel?

We have the option of two different hotels, the first one which is an adult only hotel is called the Parador Hotel which is full of charm and character located on the side of a cliff overlooking the port of San Sebastian and with a short 5 minute taxi ride you will find yourself in the heart of all the cafes, bars and restaurants. The other hotel is the Hotel Jardin Tecina, it is a great place to spend your holiday and is family friendly with swimming pools and is closer to the beaches and restaurants. Both hotels are perfectly suited to take full advantage of the amazing fishing that La Gomera has built for its self.

Where will I fish?

The Canary Islands with the Atlantic Ocean on their doorstep are blown by a northeasterly wind called the Trade Wind which blows fairly constant during the summer months and because La Gomera is high, where we fish in the south, it is completely protected and flat calm. Due to the volcanic nature of the island, we are also fishing close to shore due to the quick drop off. This means that there are no long runs to the fishing grounds giving us longer time actually fishing, starting just outside the marina.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

As mentioned above, the fishing starts almost the moment you leave the marina due to how steep the terrain is, meaning no time is wasted by motoring out miles. The Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing is a little different as these can be some way out. Our skipper is in constant contact with the commercial boats so in the months of February to May he gets up to date information on the fish’s location.

What fish will I catch?

The two main species found in these waters are the Blue Marlin and the Giant Bluefin Tuna. Both these fish reach over 500lb and give the best fight and sometimes can last a few hours. Our boat is set up for this style of fishing.

How many fish will I catch?

As with any specimen fishing and when hunting large fish, it is a waiting game, especially for the Blue Marlin. Anglers spend many hours and sometimes many days chasing one fish but when you get that Blue Marlin and all hell breaks loose you will soon forget the hours spent fishing for them. On the other hand, the Giant Bluefin Tuna is a little more obliging and the captain can almost guarantee at least a hook up each day, it just then down to you if you can land it. 

How will I fish?

The guys at Team Bocinegro take fish conservation seriously.  For any fishery to be sustainable we need to not only release fish but make sure that when we do, they are in great condition to breed and fight another day. Bait and switch is the most exciting technique for Marlin.  If you are unfamiliar with it what we do is, we tease the Marlin right up to the back of the boat and then pitch a dead bait to it. Watching the dark looming shape of a Blue Marlin following and slashing at bait only a few meters behind the back of a boat makes an incredible sight to see even before you catch your fish. When you are Tuna fishing they tend to use circle hooks only. A great hook up to catch ratio which also allows the release of the fish in perfect condition if needed.  When fishing Big Tuna this is especially important as they are such powerful. 

Do the guides speak English?

The guides and Captain speak perfect English.

Who is best suited to this destination?

This destination is perfect for a huge variety of anglers from beginners to the most expert of anglers. The boat team will help you with every style of fishing and if you have never fished for hard fighting species before they will give you as much help as you need.

What skill level is required?

A general knowledge of fishing from a boat is an advantage but not necessary. The guides are there to help you achieve what you want out of your holiday.

How physically demanding is this trip?

The trip is not that physical apart from playing the fish. The boat is very easy to walk around with a big fishing platform at the rear.

When is the best time to go?

There are two seasons for the two main species. The first is from February to May this is the perfect Giant Bluefin Tuna time. Then the Blue Marlin start to show around the middle of May and can fish all the way through to September.

How will I get there?

There are many different flights with many different flight companies from all over the UK. Just ask a member of our team if we can fly you from your local airport.

What is the accommodation like?

We can offer two different styles of accommodation, the first is the Parador which is an adult only hotel. This hotel is full of charm and elegance and benefits from panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean. The hotel is decorated as if it were a keepsake of the age of Columbus when ships departed the island bound for the Americas.

The other hotel we use, Hotel Jardín Tecina is a lovely hotel and welcomes families of any size. With many swimming pools, 7 restaurants, Spa, golf course, 5 tennis courts, Squash court and many other activities it truly is a little piece of paradise and the perfect base for an exciting family get away with some of Europes best fishing 

What is the food like?

At both hotels, the food is wonderful and freshly prepared by local chefs. Many of the items on offer are grown locally and fresh each day. There is a huge selection at both hotels from English cuisine to more local dishes.

Is fishing tackle provided?

All fishing tackle is included and is of a high standard.

Is internet and phone signal available?

The phone signal is very good around the island and at each hotel, you will get Free WiFi.

Are there other activities available?

There are daily flights from most parts of Europe so we can extend your stay so you can see some of the island which is absolutely stunning and well worth taking an extra day or two to explore. We have listed below a few of the islands natural attractions that are well worth a visit:

    • Parque Nacional de Garajonay – La Gomera’s prime attraction, the magical, often- misty Parque Nacional de Garajonay extends across 40 sq km of dense, primaeval forest and is something you simply must visit as its very much like stepping back in time.
    • Drago de Agalán – Visit the island’s oldest Drago (dragon tree) rests in the palmed lined valley, 2 km north of Alajeró.
    • Parque Etnográfico Los Telares – A reconstructed 19th-century gofio (roasted Canarian grain) mill sits at the heart of this multifaceted private ethnographic centre, which also takes in a traditional, self-sufficient organic orchard and a gallery showcasing the local rural lifestyle, typical crafts, Silbo Gomero and the island’s history.
How much does it cost?

We offer you the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view all available weeks and prices click the Dates & Prices tab on the tour page.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all our own travel we can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have any questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.

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