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Lake Thingvallavatn Fishing

Lake Thingvallavatn | Iceland |Questions & Answers

Lake Thingvallavatn fishing is world renowned for is spectacular wild Brown Trout. These fish are believed to have originated as sea run browns that got trapped in the lake during an Ice Age. Thingvallavatn Trout are in many peoples eyes the most beautiful Trout on the planet, with powerful deep chrome bodies and inky black spots.

The Lake is the largest natural lake in Iceland with a surface area of 32 square miles and an average depth of 112ft. The lake has many shallow beaches and coves. This is the area that is of interest to the fly angler, as the large Trout push shoals of arctic char up into the shallows and then hunts them down. Its these switched on predators that can be intercepted by the angler with great success.

Where is the Lodge?

The hotel is located by the south part of the lake, by the smaller lake Úlfljótsvatn. It is only 5 min drive from the nearest Sportquest beat (beat 4) but 25 min from the furthest one (beat 1).

Where do they fish?

Lake Thingvallavatn and Lake Villingavatn. There is five different beats with different characteristics.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

The time varies between 5 and 25 minutes depending on the beats that you will be fishing on that given day. 

Lake Thingvallavatn

What fish will I catch?

The Trout of lake Thingvallavatn are legendary throughout the fly fishing world, this status has been born from three main factors.


Lake Thingvallavatn Trout are massive, the average weight of fish is around 6/7lb and with the biggest fish in the lake exceeding 30lb, if there ever was a place to target your PB Brown Trout this would have to be it. Part of the reason for the Trout in this lake grow so big is the vast amount of food they have access to. The volumes of Arctic char in Thingvallavatn is staggering and the Trout have become very successful at hunting them. The Trout will drive the char shoals up into the shallows, dividing them and then hunting them to feed their great growth rates.


Lake Thinvallavatn Trout are without question the most spectacular looking Brown Trout that can be found on earth. These fish are known for their chrome flanked bodies narrowing down to a big powerful tail and are easily distinguished from any other Trout that swims.


Although you would normally associate power with the size it seems the Trout of lake Thingvallavatn are unnaturally strong for their size,  even the relatively small ones pull like a normal Trout of twice their size. The lake has many stories of anglers hooking fish in the shallows and having the fish charge out to deeper water taking the angler all the way to the spool knot before the terrible sound of ‘PING’ declared that the fight was lost. Anglers are advised to carry no less than 300m of backing on reels attached to 7/8# rods to try and tame these Leviathan fish.

How many fish will I catch?

Trophy trout hunting is not a numbers game, it is a search for the fish of a lifetime. The best day at our beats fishermen caught 50 fish between four of them, most in the 12-20 lb range. That is a unique day. Averaged out over the season, anglers would be hopeful of at least 2-3 fish per day.

Lake Thingvallavatn

How do they fish?

Fly fishing only, Streamers (5-10cm) generally have the edge for larger fish but on certain beats in the right conditions nymphs and dry fly can be deadly.

Do the guides speak English?

Yes and very fluently.

Who is best suited to this destination?

It is not difficult fishing in terms of hiking and terrain, but the time fishermen should put into the fishing can be straining, especially if the weather is tough. Lake Thingvallavatn is suitable for everyone who is interested in catching a brown trout of a lifetime.

What skill level is required?

This is fishing for beginners and experts. However, some days the fish are not very close to the shore and therefore good casting skills will help. 

When to go?

The prime time is late April to early June, for the trophy brown trout. The fishing picks up again in late August and September.

How to get there?

You will fly to Keflavík International Airport. From the airport, Fish Partner guides will pick you up. 

What is the accommodation like?

Hotel Borealis is a nice country hotel close to the lake. It has a restaurant and well-equipped facilities.

What is the food like?

A la carte menu at the hotel consists of traditional Icelandic and European cuisine. Several dietary options (vegan, gluten-free etc.) available.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

Yes, Fish Partner provides tackle (not the hotel), but it should be preordered separately. We can supply waders, rod, reel, flies, leaders etc. 

Is the internet and phone signal available?

Yes, there is a phone and 3G/4G signal. WiFi is available at the hotel.

Are there other activities available?

Yes, there are endless options. Lake Thingvallavatn is located near many natural wonders such as Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss (waterfall), Geysir and many more. Sightseeing is, therefore, a good option.

Activities such as snorkelling, river rafting, horseback riding, surfing, snowmobiling, glacier hiking, hiking, climbing and more can easily be arranged in cooperation with our expert partners in each field.

Lake Thingvallavatn

How much does it cost?

Sportquest Holidays offers you the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view all prices and availability click the “Dates & Prices” tab on the Lake Thingvallavatn page.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel arrangements Sportquest Holidays can book just the lodge and fishing for you

If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below and our expert team will reply as soon as possible or contact us. 

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