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Mexico The Home Of Big Game Fishing


Mexico… the land where angling dreams are fulfilled and memories that last a life time are imprinted forever into your mind. Golden sunshine and deep blue seas are the order of the day here, with some of the planets most amazing Game fishing species residing in these waters. Be it Sailfish, Tuna or the beautifully marked members of the Marlin family this is the place to catch them. Sailing out on the Cobalt blue waters of the Pacific Ocean you will be transported to a place of fishing heaven, the type of place that was only once real in your brain when thinking of fishing perfection but now here you are, in Mexico realising that the fishing reality far exceeds any dream you ever had.



Sportquest holidays destination for our Big Game fishing in Mexico is an area called Baja, situated on the East Cape of Baja state. The resort is well away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life and is one of the finest resorts you will find in the Baja wilderness. The hotels we provide to our customers are only the best available with superb rooms and exquisite food these really are the places to rest after an arm wrenching days fishing.



Whilst at Baja you will be fishing off two types of boats when targeting the amazing fish that reside here, the first is a super sleek boat called a Super Panga. The Super Panga is a boat used for the inshore fishing, getting you closer to the action and of course is piloted by a highly skilled captain along with only the best deckhands. The second type of boat that you will be using is a larger cruiser type, this is what you will be doing the offshore fishing on when targeting the hard hitting billfish like Marlin and Sailfish, yet again these are crewed by only the best skippers and deck hands available who will work tirelessly to find you your ultimate catch.



Out in Mexico there are many tactics you can use to ensnare these beasts you want to catch, the majority of your fishing on the big cruiser type boats will be done by trolling teasers, drawing the fish up into the spread. Once a fish is spotted a baited trace will be dropped into the spread towards the fish and hopefully resulting in a hook up followed by a screaming reel, bent rod and a hugely enjoyable fight. With the inshore fishing the possibilities are endless, one minute you could be busting surface poppers across the top layer, waiting for the whitewater to erupt as a fish smashes your lure and the next you could be bottom fishing looking for some of the many snapper species that inhabit these waters and if you’re lucky you may even get hooked into the super powerful Cubera Snapper.



Offering packages for both groups of anglers wishing to travel together and hosted trips for anglers that cannot get a big group formed we cater for everybody. So what are you waiting for, come and take a look at what we offer in Mexico and you too could soon be on the plane, heading off on the trip of your dreams with Sportquest Holidays.


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