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Monster Cod Live Soroya Norway

Due to some bad weather it was going to be to rough to do any serious fishing so we planned to do some shore fishing to keep ourselves amused.

Everyone was up and about early cooking a big breakfast ready for days shore fishing; about 9.30am I received a call from the camp guide. He said we have some bad news, there is a storm headed our way and if we don’t get off the island at 1.30pm today then we will be stuck here till Thursday.

This was due to the ferries being cancelled and our flights home where on Wednesday morning, we had no option but to cut the trip short and head for Alta. Now this is where it pays to go on an organised trip with Sportquest.

While we where on route to the ferry back to the main land, both Paul from Sportquest and Jimmy from Nordic sea angling. Organised for us all to stay at a holiday resort in log cabins right on the banks of one of the most famous salmon rivers in the world, the river Alta.

It’s a shame we couldn’t go salmon fishing, but just so we didn’t get to bored they also arranged for us to go on a guided tour the next day. We also had a coach and driver to use at anytime. For customers who where bringing fish home they even arranged for the fish to be stored in a commercial freezer for our time in Alta.

All this was free of charge; we only needed money for food and drink. If you would of booked a trip like this your self you would of had to pay for accommodation in Alta for two nights, taxis, and organise airport transfers. Imagine you couldn’t get off the island in time and missed your flights; all of these costs fall down to you if you had done a DIY trip!

In the morning we where greeted by breathtaking views of the snowy mountains and valleys, we arrived at the camp in darkness so we didn’t see too much. At 1pm we jumped on the coach and headed to the city center for a coffee and a sandwich before our guided tour at 3.30pm. The guide took us to a museum dedicated to the German war ship Tirpitz that was moored in the fjord at Alta during the Second World War. The English in a fjord by Tromso later sank it. It was a very interesting day out and we finished the day off with a few beers and a meal together at a pizza restaurant.

Monster-Cod-Live-Soroya-Norway-2 Monster-Cod-Live-Soroya-Norway-5 Monster-Cod-Live-Soroya-Norway-4 Monster-Cod-Live-Soroya-Norway-3

All the lads where is good spirits and chatting about where to go in Norway next for a big halibut, I said I know a lad who knows I thing or two about catching them ha ha.

To sum up Soroya, it’s the number one place in the world to go to catch monster cod and be in with a chance of a world record. Best time to do this is March/April every year, for about 6 weeks the biggest cod shoals in the world visit a small patch of ground to spawn and feed.

I was talking to Ralph on Soroya who said during the 6 week period last year there was 40 cod over 30kg (70lb) and 3 cod over 40kg (88lb) caught!!! Not to mention the thousands of cod in the 20lb to 40lb range.

We only managed about 23 hours fishing due to the weather conditions, when we did get out it was world class cod fishing.

Here is a list of the top 3 cod each person caught in our group.

Kevin Mckie (Guide) 74lb, 53lb and 51lb.

Marc Viercant 68lb, 55lb, 48lb,

Bob Roberts 54lb, 45lb, 42lb,

Darren Houghton 52lb, 43lb, 41lb,

Peter Stotesbury 66lb, 62lb, 56lb,

Andrew Morgan 67lb, 42lb, 40lb,

Peter Robinson 50lb, 44lb, 40lb,

William Irving 70lb, 58lb, 58lb,

Tom Morgan 42lb, 40lb, 39lb.

8 6 Hosted-Soroya-2 5 4 3

As you can see everyone beat their personal best cod by a long way!

If you are thinking about booking to come to Soroya in 2017 please remember you are not going to get out every day due to the weather conditions at this time of year. That’s the chance you have to take to catch these monster cod, when you want to catch a cod over 50lb you must listen to your guide and fish how he suggests to fish.

It’s very easy to get carried away catching 20lb to 30lb cod nearly every drop, but you are not here for that, you can do that at a lot of other camps in Norway.

The biggest cod of the week went to a lady from Sweden it was 38kg (83lb) and a new woman’s world record. Now that’s what I call girl power!!

Once I get home I can share lots of amazing pictures, but if you would like to join me in 2017 call the office NOW and book as places on each week are very tight.

You can see the full trip details Click Here

Call the office on 01603 407596

For me I can not wait until May 30th for my next guided trip with Sportquest.

Regards Kevin Mckie

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