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One Last Explosive Day Surface Fishing Nosy Be


These guys gave it all they had on their last days fishing and take a look at what they caught. From the moment these guys stepped foot on our Catamaran we knew that the weeks fishing would be a good one.


This group have spent many hours at other destinations fine-tuning the art of lure fishing and by the results, those many hours paid off. Massive congratulations to the entire group for a fantastic week and we look forward to having you all back again next year.



If you have always dreamed of catching fish like this but been put off by how expensive the tackle and equipment is, then we can take care of all that for you as all our Catamarans are fully equipped with top of the range Rods and Reels for you to hire, taking out the stress of purchasing the right equipment plus carrying it through all the airports. So why not just turn up with some shorts, sunglasses and of course sun cream and we will try our very hardest to make your angling dreams come true.



We have 3 different areas off Nosy Be that we fish, the North, the South and the West. Each destination offers the angler different opportunities from vertical jigging, lots of popper fishing and some excellent offshore fishing for Sailfish and Black Marlin. If you are looking for your next fishing adventure and want to fish some of the best surface fishing waters then Nosy Be off Madagascar has it all on offer and is waiting to show you its gems.



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