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El Rincon Lodge


El Rincon lodge is situated at the top of the highly regarded Rio Gallegos River. This is the perfect stopping point for the fast-moving sea trout that run this river and probably contributes to El Rincon’s impressive catch statistics. The Rio Gallegos is fantastic in its own right but it’s the lodge access to fish one of the Feeder Rivers that really sets it apart. The Rio Penitente passes the border between chilli and Argentina and then runs 35km through the El Rincon estancia where it has private fishing on both banks virtually until it joins the Rio Gallegos. This Intimate little river is packed with quality sized Brown Trout but it’s the large silver-backed Sea Trout that run this little gem that are of real interest, as an 18lb fresh fish on a 6# really does take some beating. El Rincon lodge then has another 20km of the Rio Gallegos with many pools teeming with fish and best targeted with a small double-handed rod, the amount of water that the lodge guests have to fish over is phenomenal and this is reflected in the quality of the fishing. The lodge has a very relaxed feel, but with excellent service and food by staff members who really care about your needs which is perfect after a long day on the water!

Where is the Lodge?

The lodge is situated at the top of the Rio Gallegos River close to the banks of its feeder stream the Rio Penitente in Patagonia, Argentina. It is based on a traditional working estancia with access to large stretches of both the Rio Gallegos and Rio Penitente! Looking across the plains at the distant mountain range it is quite normal to see rheas trotting around in clouds of dust whilst pink flamingos fly overhead looking to settle down by the rivers edge.

Where do they fish?

Fishing takes place in the many pools of the Rio Gallegos River and Rio Penitente and guest are guided in twos by the lodge’s vastly knowledgeable guides. At the start of each week a fishing rota is written up with the zones that each guided couple will fish each day, the great thing about El Rincon lodge is that it has so much available water that free zones can be taken each day if your scheduled zones are not to your liking.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

Both the Rio Gallegos River and the Rio Penitente are close; the Rio Gallegos is approx. 15mins by car to its nearest pools and a further 25mins from that. The Penitente winds its way through the estancia and totals 35km, the nearest point to the lodge can be walked in just a couple of minutes and guests can walk and fish those beats in the morning before breakfast but in the main part of the fishing day the furthest point that you generally travel is 25 minutes by car but for the more adventurous you can go out to the border of Argentina and Chilli which is approx. 1 hour by car from the lodge.

What fish will I catch?

The main target species for El Rincon is Sea Trout, even though the lodge is far up the river system it gets more than its fair share of fresh run fish as when sea trout start running they will move exceptionally quick, even when they have been in the river for a few weeks and start to turn a mottled brown they still fight like the devil, As well as the Sea Trout, El Rincon’s Brown Trout fishing can be spectacular with a great average weight and some huge trophy fish thrown in for good measure.

How many fish will I catch?

One of the reasons why El Rincon has such a successful fishery is due to it having so much water on two completely different types of river, this allows for it to fish well in many more different water heights and weather conditions than if it was limited to just one river. It is always hard to give an exact figure on numbers of fish but on a good week a competent angler should be able to contact between 5 and 10 fish a day at least!

How do they fish?

Again due to the fact that El Rincon has two rivers means that the affective styles of fishing is virtually limitless within traditional Trout methods. The Rio Gallegos is generally more suited to small double-handed rods or switch rods in 7# 8# and 9# being perfect for average water and wind conditions. Versitip lines are perfect with quick interchangeable tips from float to sink 8-9 this gives you the ability to change between pools for the ideal presentation. When you fish the Rio penitente the tools you need are single-handed rods in 5# 6# and 7# with these depending on the height of the river you can fish an array of different flies and techniques all of which will work at different times and some times all will work in the same day. With the 5#/6# fishing small nymphs swinging them, stripping them or fishing them upstream will all work, then with the same rods dry flies can be deadly at different times with both Brown Trout and Sea Trout. Then the 7# rod can be employed for either swinging or stripping large streamer patterns, fishing big rubber legs or fishing larger deer head surface flies.

Do the guides speak English?

Currently, all the guides speak very good English, in Argentina a fishing guide is regarded as a very prestigious role and young children grow up wanting to be guides and for this reason they normally speak good English and really take pride in their performance.

Who is best suited to this destination?

I would say due to the comfort and huge diversity of fishing that El Rincon has to offer it really is a lodge for everyone, in normal conditions any age or ability of angler is going to have a good time at the lodge, and even although there is not a vast amount of things for the non-angler to do, such is the accommodating nature of the staff at El Rincon any non-angler who wants a relaxed week whilst being looked after with plentiful food and wine will have a wonderful week at the lodge.

What skill level is required?

As stated above the skill level required to fish at El Rincon is not high, but any level of angler will be able to find fishing that is suitable to their level at the lodge. Also with such an experienced guiding team anglers are more than likely to come away from a trip to El Rincon a better angler than before.

How physically demanding is this trip?

As far as wade fishing goes El Rincon is very undemanding, it has a good mix of very easy wading pools to some that are much harder but due to the volume of different water and fish, there is no need to fish pools out of your comfort zone. Another factor that helps less physically fit anglers is that most of the pools can be reached by 4×4 having said that for anyone who likes a walk whilst fishing being dropped off in your team with your guide and walking along the river fishing each pool as you go can be a really nice experience.

When to go?

Although the Brown Trout fishing can be amazing in both November and December the main run of Sea Trout turn up in January and the fishing for these stays good through until March!

How to get there?

International flights head into Buenos Aires and then it’s a taxi across the city to the airoparque internal airport to catch a connecting flight to Rio Gallegos airport. At Rio Gallegos airport a Sportquest representative will meet you and transfer you approx. 1 hour 40 minutes to the lodge

What is the accommodation like?

The lodge has a very relaxed comfortable feel to it, it is clean and the rooms are all single En suits with plenty of space. The lodge has a large porch with rod stands and then a good sized cloakroom for hanging waders, jackets etc. The only potential downside to the lodge is it doesn’t have 24hour electricity but a quite generator does run during cooking times and into the evening for charging phones, cameras and any other rechargeables.

 What is the food like?

The food is excellent; it is in true Argentinian style with plenty of traditional meat dishes! Generally, you will all eat a cooked breakfast before you head out for the day, your guide will bring along a picnic for you to have by the riverbank whilst you are fishing. Evening meals are eaten at the dining table and are three courses, during the evenings the wine never stops flowing so it normally makes for an entertaining night as fisherman’s tails get ever more flamboyant

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

The lodge does not hire out tackle, but as long as they are given pre-warning they are happy to lend out all that is needed during your stay. Flies can be purchased at the lodge and they normally have a good selection of exactly what you will need for your weeks fishing

Is Internet and phone signal available?

Because of the remoteness of the lodge it does not have WiFi and phone signal can be very hit and miss but there are generally corners of the lodge that most phones will work in once found!

Are there other activities available?

For anyone that likes peaceful walks El Rincon is the perfect place as you can walk for literally miles and miles in any direction and all you will be disturbed by is the occasional gaucho riding across the estancia or the many animals that live on the plain. Horse riding can also be arranged with plenty of pre warning.

How much does it cost?

Sportquest Holidays offers you the complete package including all flights and transfers; to view all available weeks and prices click HERE

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all our own travel arrangements Sportquest Holidays can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have ANY questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.

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