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Salmon fly fishing

Salmon Fishing Reisastua Lodge Norway Q&A

Surrounded by spectacular mountains and a steep valley – bathe in the midnight sun while standing in the river swinging flies for Large Atlantic Salmon in the Reisa Valley. The Reisa River (or Reisaelva in Norwegian) is 90 km long and originates in Finnmark. The Salmon go 85 km up to the Imofossen waterfall. There are 19 zones containing good fishing spots, with a large number of deep pools for fly-fishing. The Reisa River has a reputation for big Salmon that are caught annually here weighing around 20 kg. So if you are looking to set a record, the Reisa River may be the right place for you, just ask Scott Mackenzie who has caught his last 3 personal best Atlantic Salmon with us.

Where is the Lodge?

The lodge is found on the banks of the Reisa river in the heart of the Arctic circle. The river spills out into the fjord, northeast of Trômso by the small town of Storslett. The lodge is situated approx. 30k up the river surrounded by wooded mountains and a stone’s throw from the water’s edge.

Where do they fish?

Using traditional boats, the guides will transport anglers up and down the river to their different licenced zones for that day. Once at the zones, the pools are fished from the banks, generally with a couple of runs through before moving on to the next.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

Some of the pools are just a very short journey from the lodge but if your licence is in the upper zones for that day you will need to travel by boat up into the beautiful national park. A boat journey into the national park can take up to a couple of hours as you make your way into one of the last wildernesses in Europe.

What fish will I catch?

Big Atlantic salmon is what anglers come to the Reisa to hunt, Every year this river produces some of the biggest Atlantics on the planet. As well as the big salmon the Reisa has large Brown Trout, Arctic and sea-run Char and good numbers of large sea trout later in the season.

How many fish will I catch?

The Reisa is not a numbers river, it is a place to go to try and catch the biggest fish of your life! Big fish are not as plentiful as smaller ones, they are harder to trick into taking and when hooked they are a lot harder to land. When you put all these factors together if you manage to land more than a couple of big fish in a week then it has been a successful one.

How do they fish?

As part of a rotation system, each day your fishing partner and you will have access to a selection of different licences to fish different zones in the river. As a pair, you will head out by boat or sometimes car with your guide and bank fish different pools within your licensed zones! You will mostly be fishing with double-handed rods in 9# to 11# and swinging flies with anything from floating to heavy sink lines depending on the water height and pools that you are fishing. Your guide will explain if he wants you to mend your line to speed up or slow down your swing and then a long dangle before some sharp strips of the line can often entice a take. If the water is at the right height and temperature a single-handed rod of 7# or 8# can sometimes be used to successfully fish a riffle hitch or bomber fly on a floating line that can give some of the best top water action.

Do the guides speak English?

Yes, all the guides speak very good English

Who is best suited to this destination?

Anyone can fish the Reisa as it has some easily fished pools but also has some very technical ones, This keeps the less experienced as well as expert anglers interested at all times. We do believe that it is a river that anglers must work hard on as these big fish will not just give them selves up, The lodge is probably not the best place for an angler to try and catch their first salmon but more about catching the fish of a lifetime.

What skill level is required?

You do not have to be the best angler in the world to fish at the lodge, but a good understanding of salmon fishing and managing a double-handed rod is advisable. The guides at the lodge are fantastic and very experienced when it comes to fishing the river, so a week spent with them will definitely make you a better angler. Some casting lessons before your trip is always a good idea as this will dust off any cobwebs and give you more confidence from day one of your trip!

How physically demanding is this trip?

On the whole Reisastua lodge is not very physically demanding, however if clients wish to trek to the top pools of the national park then they will need to be able to walk a decent distance in fairly rough terrain. Some of the pools can make for more challenging wading in certain river conditions.

When to go?

For the big chrome fish that the Reisa is famed for July would be the best month! August can produce some lovely mixed fishing with the grils, Sea Trout and still the odd big chrome fish being caught on lighter tackle, methods such as riffle hitch and bomber being particularly exciting.

How to get there?

Take your flight from the UK to Oslo; from there you travel to Tromso and then on to Sorkjosen. At Sorkjosen a Sportquest representative will meet you and transport you to the lodge, this drive will take approx. 45mins minutes and once at the lodge you will be greeted and shown to your room before refreshments.

What is the accommodation like?

The lodge is of a typical Norwegian nature with a very relaxed atmosphere; this is in no way a compromise on quality with a beautiful main restaurant, Single en-suit bedrooms, large hot tub all of which have views of either mountains, river or both and a peaceful living room for evening drinks.

What is the food like?

Breakfast is served in the morning before you head out with your guide to your different zones, depending on what zones you are fishing will determine if you will be returning to the lodge for a three coarse lunch or if your guide will cook for you by the river. Often your fishing day will finish very late in the evening so there is normally a light spread prepared as an evening meal, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day by your guide!

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

The lodge does not provide full set ups, but it does have a shop stocking lines, flies etc.

Is Internet and phone signal available?

The lodge has very good FREE Wifi service and some mobile phones will good a good signal.

Are there other activities available?

Other activities such as waterfall views, bike riding and walking can be arranged with some pre organising.

How much does it cost?

Sportquest Holidays offers you the complete package including all flights and transfers; to view all available weeks and prices click HERE

Sportquest Holidays also offers hosted trips to Reisastua lodge each year, which are ideal for single anglers to view, all available weeks and prices click HERE

Alternatively if you wish to arrange all our own travel arrangements Sportquest Holidays can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have ANY questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.

Salmon Fishing Reisastua River NorwaySalmon Fishing Reisastua River NorwaySalmon Fishing Reisastua River Norway

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