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Seasons In Ascension Bay

This vast area consisting of hundreds of square miles is located on the Yucatan peninsula about 100 miles south of Cancun and is the saltwater fly angler’s fly fishing dream. It is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations and one which consistently produces excellent results for all our customer. Known widely as the ‘Grand Slam’ capital of the world, there is no place better to go to try and tempt a Bonefish, a Tarpon and a Permit all on the same day.

Whichever lodge you choose from, one thing about Accession Bay that is guaranteed is the fantastic wading. Here you can wade the flats all day in search of Bonefish, Permit and Barracuda. Plus the flats make real easy wading.  You will rarely get shots at Tarpon on foot but every once in a while you can get some Snook, especially when the tide is low.  When you really want to get into the Tarpon action it is best to fish around the mangroves from the boat.


Like many saltwater destinations, Ascension Bay gets affected by wind from the South East, East and North. However, it is always possible to find protected flats or lagoons where you can fish in more comfort. Unlike many other saltwater fly fishing destinations, some lodges keep their fishing open all year round. The time of the year affects the fishing, below we have described the seasons.


During October and November, you can enjoy beautiful sunny days, with a nice breeze and low winds. You can expect to catch lots of local Bonefish, Permit and some baby Tarpon during this season, plus a few bigger migrant Tarpon who arrive in June but depart in December. When the weather is good, this is a perfect time to fish, but rain might appear for one hour or two and disappear, or stay for 2-3 days. However, one thing to remember this is also Hurricane season.


December, January and February are dry months, offering many hours of sun. Plenty of local Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon and Barracuda are all around. Winter makes a perfect time to run away from the cold weather and fish in the Caribbean. This time of the year might be windy, when cold fronts coming from the north pass through the Caribbean, but normally your guides can find some suitable sheltered bays to escape the worst of the wind.


March, April, May, June and beginning of July are the peak season. In general, this time of the year weather is better, there are lots of suns and low winds. This is a great time for Bonefish, but also June sees the larger migratory Tarpon arrive. During this season, there is always much bigger Permit around.


If you want to fish without wind, summer is the time to do it. There is flat and crystal clear water and plenty of hungry migrant Tarpon. The average temperature is higher than the rest of the year but not by too much. Summer is rainy season, so you might have some clouds and rain. However, this usually comes and goes in about one hour.

Destination Price Differences 

If the vast areas for the wading or fishing from a boat are the same, why is there such a difference between some of the destinations prices?

The reason is simple, there are many lodges within easy reach of Cancun and as such during the season these lodges tend to be full. This means a vast amount of anglers concentrated in a small area, as they can only all travel the same distances each day, of what is essentially hundreds of square miles of flats. Consequently, this means certain areas get more pressure than others.

The more remote a location is, the less it gets fished. The remote places, therefore, come at a premium, not because they are trying to charge more, but because the remote lodges are much more expensive to run. As the demand for more expensive lodges are less, these lodges and customers all enjoy the benefits of better fishing.

If you have any questions on Ascension Bay visit our tour page or leave your comments below. 

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