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Shore fishing Norway

Shore Fishing Lofoten Islands Q&A

You will be fishing the world-renowned Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. This stunning set of Islands will take your breath away with its impressive mountains and waters. Being based in Nappstraumen you have the advantage of not only being in one of the Lofoten Islands most fish-rich areas but you will also only be 10 minutes away from the closest town. This means you will have access to many shops to pick up your provisions if you need them.

Where is the camp?

Nappstraumen is found just 10 minutes outside of Leknes in the area of Napp. Surrounded by towering mountains one side and a stunning fjord on the other this really is a place that once visited will never be forgotten.

Where do they fish?

The shore marks on the Lofoten Islands range in ability, we have some very easy to access piers and jetty’s that offer up the chance of amazing fishing all the way up to some phenomenal deep rock marks that offer the chance for some really outstanding fishing in some exquisite scenery.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

Most of the marks on this Lofoten shore fishing holiday are under half an hour from the camp with the furthest being just an hour away, all these marks have the possibility to produce some great fishing to the angler visiting the Lofoten Islands.

What fish will I catch?

The shore fishing on Lofoten offers a huge variety of species. February and March are phenomenal months to try and target a very big Halibut from the shore as they come in close from the deep water, you will also find a wide variety of other species including big Cod and Plaice. Towards the end of the season from September to November, the Halibut fishing ramps up again as they come in close to feed on the baitfish that come inshore. Add to this the huge autumn Plaice that get caught here along with the Cod and other species you really have a recipe for some outstanding shore fishing.

How many fish will I catch?

When you are targeting big Halibut you are looking for that 1 specimen so big baits and sitting it out are the order of the day, you may get 1 run a day but when that fish is potentially a 200lb plus monster it makes the waiting all worthwhile. If you are targeting the other species such as Plaice and Cod the action can become incredible at various states of tide with multiple catches of great sized fish bring a possibility.

How do they fish?

The shore fishing on the Lofoten Islands is primarily done with baits specifically tailored to the fish you are targeting. For the big Halibut you will be fishing with large fish baits ledgered on the bottom. For the Cod and general species fishing you will be using smaller baits ledgered on the bottom. For the Plaice and Dab fishing you will be using lighter tackle with smaller hooks and baits using rolling leads to search the area for the fish. If you wish you can always take spinning tackle out as well and try shad fishing from the shore, you may be surprised at what you pick up fishing in this style.

Do the guides speak English?

Your guide on this holiday is an English shore guide and the other guides you will meet in the camp also speak extremely good English.

Who is best suited to this destination?

The Lofoten Islands are a great destination for all as we have marks for all abilities and ages.

What skill level is required?

A basic understanding of fishing from the shore is needed on this holiday, the ability to cast at least 50 metres is needed too. These marks can all be fished comfortably with a good overhead thump.

How physically demanding is this trip?

The destination is suitable for all abilities but some of the more advanced rock marks can involve a walk to reach them over rocky terrain.

When is the best time to go?

This destination fishes well from February to April for the Halibut and Cod that come in close to the shore. When Autumn arrives in September to November the big Halibut move back inshore along with some massive Plaice. All throughout the year, you will be able to find many other species residing in these waters.

How will I get there?

The normal route is from the UK to Oslo then a second flight from Oslo to Bodo followed by a  short flight (25 mins) to Leknes. This is where a representative from Sportquest Holidays will be waiting with a minibus to transfer you to the cabins which takes around 10 minutes.

What is the accommodation like?

On the Lofoten Islands, you will be staying in the luxury Nappstraumen cabins. These are fantastic cabins that we would say are some of the best fishing accommodation you will find in Norway. You will have Twin rooms and 2 bathrooms to each cabin, the facilities within these cabins are extremely high quality with outstanding cooking facilities and a smart TV.

What is the food like?

As these are self-catering cabins you will be cooking for yourselves so it really is dependent on what you take with you as to what you eat. We recommend taking your own food as Norwegian food prices can work out to be expensive.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

The camp on the Lofoten Islands currently does not provide shore fishing tackle.

Is internet and phone signal available?

The phone signal and Wi-Fi is very good all around the camp and it is free for customers to use. Just ask a member of the staff for the password when you arrive.

Are there other activities available?

Once the snow clears you will have the opportunity to walk up one of the many surrounding mountains that surround the camp. If you venture into Leknes you can partake in some ten pin bowling at the nearby alley.

How much does it cost?

We offer the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view all available weeks and prices click the ‘Dates & Prices’ tab on our Lofoten Islands shore fishing tour page.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel we can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have any questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.

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