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Sportquest Norway Halibut Competition 2022

Due to how popular the 2021 Halibut competition at Å on the Lofoten Islands was, with it selling out within 3 days of advertising the dates we have managed to secure something pretty special for 2022. It’s getting bigger and better with more money prizes and lots more will follow.

Sportquest Holidays Norway Halibut Competition 2022

In 2021 we managed to take over the resort of Å on the Lofoten Islands taking up all 9 boats and 9 cabins. We advertised this competition on Facebook and our other media outlets and to our shock, it sold out within 3 days…… We never imagined it would have been so popular, so this got us thinking about how we can grow this moving forward.

After many conversations with Nordic Sea Angling, we have come up with a plan. (I will explain a little later on)

Once we had secured the dates and resort for 2021 when then set about advertising this boat competition and it took off. We had lost of people in reserve wanting spaces if the first people didn’t take them, and guess what? no one dropped out! We had some very disappointed anglers but we were, for 2021, limited to only 9 boats.

You may be thinking why do you have to book this so far in advance? Well, it is very hard to book an entire destination especially when the destination is one of the best in Norway for large Halibut and the week we have booked is bang on peak time for the big ones!

Halibut Competition 2022 Dates

So this has already bought us on to thinking about what we can do for our 2022 Halibut competition! As like I have mentioned above we have to plan these things so far in advance to get what and when we want it.

For 2022 we have managed to move all our boats down from Nappstraumen and have these moored at Å for the whole week of the competition. We have managed to secure enough boats and cabins to take 60 people almost doubling the 2021 competition……. sound good?

The full details of the competition can be found HERE 

Please remember that the Halibut competition prices do NOT include flights. Once the flights have become available we will contact each competitor with an updated price for the flights.

It took some doing but we have now secured the following dates for 2022:

30/06/22 – 07/07/22

The two-day Halibut competition will take place (weather permitting) on the 3rd & 4th July during your weeks holiday. Same rules apply which can be found by clicking RULES

We have increased the competition for 2022 and now am pleased to announce we have 6 boats available and up for grabs. These can now be booked as of 05/03/20 and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. All we require is a £200 per person deposit and you will need 4 people per boat.

You can enter either by calling us on 01603 407596 or simply click ENTER HERE

It is open to teams of 4 and there will be some impressive prizes up for grabs. Here is a list of the money prizes set for the 2022 competition


1st Prize – £6000 (Team event)

This will be the combined length of all the Halibut caught in your boat by your team over the two days. The longest combined length will take first prize.

2nd Prize – £1500 (Singles event)

This prize will be given to the angler who catches the longest single Halibut over the two-day event

Free to enter raffle (For all entrants)

Everybody will be given a raffle ticket on the presentation night where one lucky angler will be picked at random and will win 1 rod and reel package.

There will be lots of other prizes up for grabs so make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we will be updating our prize list as when we get new prizes.

Competitors Of The 2021 Sportquest Halibut Competition


PLEASE NOTE: If you have entered the 2021 event we have reserved 9 boats for all of 2021 competitors to give you a chance to re-entre if you so wish. These will be reserved until after the competition has taken place. You will then be given two weeks to decide if you wish to enter the following year. However, if you wish to provisionally hold a boat please can you let us know.

If you would like to reserve a boat and cabin please click enter now or call us on 01603 407596 

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