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Los Crestone shooting report

Steady Hunting Throughout Los Crestones

Steady Hunting Throughout Los Crestones Our third season at Los Crestones Lodge has flown by and it’s been one of the best on the books. Good, early-season water reserves lured large volumes of ducks into the area and we’ve had steady hunting all season long. Rosy Bills kicked the year, hanging around until about mid-June—until a strong cold front pushed most of them out. All our guests experienced great action. To the east, yellow-billed pintail numbers were amazing; so good most guests bagged their 70 bird blind limits in less than an hour. Crazy duck hunting, all decoying! We finished the year strong at the backyard pond. It’s one of our top late-season spots, lies within walking distance from the lodge, and it always produces.

The Perdiz hunting has also been exceptional. Top guns had no problem shooting their 14-bird limits. Using English pointers for the big fields and Brittany’s for the small fields, or slower walking clients, the retrievers put on a great show as always.

Dove shooters averaged 12 box afternoons. We had a couple of slower than normal shoots, but it was due to extreme weather conditions. And the pigeon shooting was slow early in the season mainly because of the late corn harvest that had birds spread thin. Later in the season we found better concentrations and we were able to pattern them with great results. Finally, big game shoots have been outstanding, with all our hunters shooting free-ranging Blackbucks and Axis deer.

With new leases and more areas than ever to hunt, we at Crestones are expecting great things for 2014 and beyond. Hope to see you around!

Los Crestones General Manager

Steady Hunting Throughout Los Crestones of our bedroom
A guy taking aim Steady Hunting Throughout Los Crestones
a spread of decoys Steady Hunting Throughout Los Crestones

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