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Sturgeon Fishing

Cascade Sturgeon Fishing Adventures Q&A

The Fraser River in Canada is world-famous for holding the biggest White Sturgeon in the world. It’s not just the size of Sturgeon that attract anglers to this destination but also the sheer amount of fish you can catch. The Fraser River has a murky appearance but beneath the surface, it is teeming with a variety of different species including various species of Salmon, which the Sturgeon feed on at certain times of the year.


Where is the Hotel?

The hotel where you will be staying for the week is in a town called Chilliwack. The town has many bars, restaurants and cafes and along with these, there are many shops and other attractions.


Where do they fish?

The guides each day will pick you up from outside of the hotel and take you the short drive to the river where they will launch the boats ready for your day ahead. The fishing is mainly performed on the Fraser River, however, if the guides think that some of the side streams may be worth targeting then they will advise you on the day.


How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

The Fraser River is a very wide and long river, some of the fishing grounds are opposite the launch ramp and some can be as far up or downstream as 45 minutes. The guides will on each day let you know where you will be fishing and how far the fishing grounds they intend on travelling to are. Each day you will fish different spots until the guides have located good feeding areas.


What fish will I catch?

Each day you will be targeting White Sturgeon as the Fraser River is the best place in the world for these mighty fish.


How many fish will I catch?

This all depends on the time of year you are travelling. April and October are good months for the bigger fish but you will not be catching as many. The warmer months will see the catch rate go up a lot and is sometimes harder to find the really big ones but who would complain about catching 4 – 7 ft Sturgeon.


How do they fish?

All the fishing is performed from a state of the art jet boat. There will be quality rods and multipliers set up each day with heavy running weights and fish baits. These are cast out downstream of the boat and the clutch is loosened and then the fun begins.


Do the guides speak English?

The guides speak perfect English.


Who is best suited to this destination?

This style of fishing is open to all abilities and age. The guides are there to help you to land your dream fish, albeit a small Sturgeon or a huge one.


What skill level is required?

General knowledge of fishing from a boat is an advantage but not necessary. The guides are there to help you achieve what you want out of your holiday.


How physically demanding is this trip?

On whole, the trip is not that physical apart from playing the fish. The boats are very easy to walk around with a big fishing platform at the rear. The walks to the boat are very small and are on hard ground, so no clambering over wet rocks to get in a boat.


When to go?

The season runs from April to end of October with peak time being September and October.


How to get there?

The best route to get to Vancouver from the UK is London Gatwick to Vancouver as these are direct flights. We can, of course, fly people to Vancouver from anywhere in the world, so please ask us for the best route possible and we will search for the best options from the closest airport to you.


What is the accommodation like?

The hotel is a very good hotel, the best in Chilliwack. There is a very good onsite restaurant, however, there are also many different styles of restaurants in the town which are only a few minutes walk.


What is the food like?

Breakfast can range from continental style breakfast to bacon rolls all can be purchased either from the hotel or café opposite the hotel. Lunches can be pre-ordered and consist of different flavoured sandwich’s or baguettes. These can be pre-ordered before arrival. Evening meals can be either taken in the hotel or one of the many restaurants in town. There are fine dining restaurants, burger bars, pizza houses and even McDonalds. 


Is fishing tackle provided?

On every boat, you will find top quality sets of fishing equipment to tackle these huge Sturgeon. Also, if you wish to change one of your days to target Salmon then there is also sets of Salmon fishing spinning equipment available (not fly fishing tackle).


Is the Internet and phone signal available?

The phone signal and internet is good all over Chilliwack. You will get free Wi-Fi in the hotel.


Are there other activities available?

Chilliwack is set amongst some of the most stunning Canadian countrysides and guided walks are available to pre-book. If you are looking for lots of interesting activities such as other tourist attractions then these are best booked and added to the end of your holiday when you get back to Vancouver. We can discuss with you adding extra days on and give you information on non-fishing activities.


How much does it cost?

We offer the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view, all our available weeks and prices click the ‘Dates & Prices’ tab on our Fraser River Canada page. We also offer single angler trips to Canada for the Sturgeon each year, which are ideal for single anglers.


If you wish to arrange all our own travel arrangements we can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have any questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596 or fill in our contact form.


  1. Jason budd

    We are coming in October, do we need waterproof clothing etc? What sort of clothing is recommended

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Jason, I believe Matt in the office has called you? Let me know if you have any further questions

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