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Salmon fishing gala river norway

The best Salmon fishing in the whole of Norway

The best Salmon fishing in the whole of Norway and with out doubt the best fly fishing on the whole of the Gaula River. For the very first time in history we have managed with Matt Hayes and his Partner Anna Marrit to join the most famous pools of the original Malum Winsnes fishing area to the brand new Flaskhølen fishing area. Creating 4km of exclusive double bank Fly Fishing, with the dream to change the salmon fishing of Norway forever. Previously rivers, beats and pools in Norway have been fished hard, never given any rest periods to either the pools or fish, until now. For we have the opportunity to set up and run a Norway fishery just the way English anglers prefer, quality fishing, quality beats that are well rested exclusively for fly fishing.

For the past 30 years, yes 30 years Flaskholen has been run by a private Swedish syndicate and its catch statistics have never been published in Norway. We can reveal, however, that the zone produced approx 200 salmon in 2011 with very little rod hours fished, which if the truth is known makes this one of the most prolific zones on the whole of the Gaula River.

For those that know the area, Flaskholen begins above the Winsnes home pool, Kroken, and extends on both banks to the pool above the new road bridge where the Fora River enters Gaula. It includes the infamous ‘bottle pool’ which produces at least as many fish as Kroken in a season and often produces more.

The fishing has been divided up into nine pools all with double bank fishing, starting from the bottom of the original Malum Winsnes fishing area (Which was originally part of the GFF syndicate) you have the Kjelflløe pool, moving upstream you also have øksoy pool, Rohølen pool, Lilllesterøm pool ending at the most famous pool on the Gaula Kroken. Upstream from Kroken is our new water part of the Flaskholen beat starting with Bottle Pool, then Railway pool, Old bridge pool, ending with the top pool named Junction pool, as its name susgests its at the junction with the Fora River which flows into the Gaula.

As mentioned above, all the pools apart from the Junction pool will be well rested as there will be no fishing between the hours of 2am to 6am and also between 2pm and 6 pm. Due to the summer 24hr daylight hours the remaining 16hours of daylight will be available for fishing. We only have a maximum of 10 rods on each week, rods will fish in pairs with light guiding from our resident gillies who will be on hand visiting all pools to provide help and advice on the best approach and some of the favorite salmon lies. Each pair then rotates to a fresh pool every four hours and during the two rest periods if you still have not had enough you can still fish the Junction Pool.

This will be the best Salmon fishing in the whole of Norway and as expected the interest from UK anglers is already high and places are extremely limited. Do not miss out on the best chance ever to catch big Atlantic Salmon from the Gaula River.

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