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Species Spotlight: Zander

Zander Fishing

Name: Zander Also known as: Pike-Perch, European Walleye, Green Back, Zed Scientific Name: Sander lucioperca Description: The Zander is a broad-shouldered, deep-bellied fish with tapered body and a sharp pointed head. It is very recognisable by its spikey dorsal fin and is sometimes wrongly thought of as a Pike, Perch hybrid. Zander have a relatively […]

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Lake Sibbo Sweden Q&A

Lake Sibbo

Lake Sibbo is a private 800-acre lake connected through a channel to the Baltic Sea. It is known for its huge predatory fish like Pike and Perch but one species in recent years have turned this place into a world class fishery. The Zander of Lake Sibbo are known throughout Europe for their size and […]

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Top Things To Do In Iceland

Godafoss Iceland

Iceland is a subarctic Island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Icelands land mass consists of glaciers, mountains, lava fields, lakes and rivers. The Island is actually still geologically and Volcanically active which helps add to its huge diversity of natural interests. If stunning natural scenery is something that you are interested in then […]

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