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Species Spotlight: Zander

Zander Fishing

Name: Zander Also known as: Pike-Perch, European Walleye, Green Back, Zed Scientific Name: Sander lucioperca Description: The Zander is a broad-shouldered, deep-bellied fish with tapered body and a sharp pointed head. It is very recognisable by its spikey dorsal fin and is sometimes wrongly thought of as a Pike, Perch hybrid. Zander have a relatively […]

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Lake Sibbo Sweden Q&A

Lake Sibbo

Lake Sibbo is a private 800-acre lake connected through a channel to the Baltic Sea. It is known for its huge predatory fish like Pike and Perch but one species in recent years have turned this place into a world class fishery. The Zander of Lake Sibbo are known throughout Europe for their size and […]

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