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Top Things To Do In Iceland

Godafoss Iceland

Iceland is a subarctic Island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Icelands land mass consists of glaciers, mountains, lava fields, lakes and rivers. The Island is actually still geologically and Volcanically active which helps add to its huge diversity of natural interests. If stunning natural scenery is something that you are interested in then […]

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Top Species To Catch In Guinea Bissau

Barracuda Guinea Bissau

The destination of Guinea Bissau is one where the travelling angler has the opportunity to catch a wide variety of species whilst thrashing the water with lures and poppers. These fish are well renowned predators who will happily smash your imitation fish and lead you a merry dance whilst you duel to the wire to […]

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Species Spotlight: Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle

Name: Jack Crevalle Also known as: Common Jack, Toro, Cavally, Cavalla and Horse Crevalle Scientific Name: Caranx Hippos Description: This voracious predator feeds mainly on smaller fishes which it often chases to the shoreline or against sea walls. When they are found in open deeper water the Jacks will surround their pray and force them […]

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Guinea Bissau Africa Big Game Fishing Q&A

Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is a lure and popper anglers paradise. These fishing grounds are phenomenal with many different species just waiting to be caught. You will benefit from the expertise of the guides, they have superb knowledge of the species and fishing. As well as the fishing, you will have free access to a 4×4 and […]

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Top Tips On Speed Jigging

Speed Jigging

The term jigging is a well-known tactic when it comes to fishing for certain species. This method is popular at our Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Andaman Islands, Gabon and Costa Rica fishing destinations.   There are many different ways of jigging all involving dropping a metal lure into the dark depths and then working it to […]

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