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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Dear friends and travellers…

May 28th 2020

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We’re thrilled to see that our customers are so happy with the service we have given them that they’re willing to share it over Social Media. We hope that everyone is getting the same level of service from their holiday company, if not maybe you’d like to consider us for your next fishing trip.

May 18th 2020

It’s been another week at home for most people and it’s no wonder that we are receiving lots of requests for our brochures, which goes to show that the desire to go fishing abroad again is still running strong through everyone’s veins.

We are extremely busy rearranging customers planned holidays but also booking lots of trips for 2021 as demand for next year increases. What has been heartwarming and greatly appreciated by us is to read comments from our customers expressing their appreciation for all the hard work the team are doing.

Below we have picked three random social media posts mentioning Sportquest Holidays, which leads me on to say a massive thank you to all of our customers who have been extremely understanding as we all try to navigate through these unprecedented times. Remember, our normal telephone number is still open and our staff are at home ready and waiting to take your call.

Customer Comments

“Big thanks to everyone at Sportsquest. Got a phone call this morning with the news that my trip has been rescheduling to the Andamans Islands. I have had 12 trips in the last 5 years and can say every time I caught PBS. Their service is brilliant and the guides I’ve met have all been spot on, even in these strange times it was nice to have a company who cares about their customers. Thanks Again.” – Mark

“Full marks to Sportquest Holidays for rescheduling my Rodrigues Island trip to next year at no additional cost. This is the big advantage of booking though an ATOL bonded agent. Although all the airlines are letting you reschedule flights free of charge, I have a feeling some of them will go bust.” – Nick

“Two holidays cancelled due to Coronavirus and the Travel Insurance company says no payout, so was expecting to lose a great deal of money. Then I’m contacted by Peter Collingsworth at Sportquest Holidays to say let’s try and get as much credit as we can from airlines, guest houses, hotels and fishing lodges to then see if we can reschedule at minimum extra cost. Thank you Sportquest Holidays, I am now rescheduled to go to Andaman Islands later this year and Guinea Bissau in 2021, and all done at no extra cost to myself. I think that is a great result from a very caring travel company. Will certainly continue to use Sportquest for more future fishing holidays.” – Ray

March 30th 2020

The current situation our world faces is changing daily.

Like most anglers around the world, we’re hopeful that this awful situation isn’t going to last for too many weeks, but what we are having to accept, which is difficult for all of us who love the feeling of being outdoors and close to nature, is to be ‘grounded’ for the foreseeable future and to be kept apart from our precious sport, which for us is so much more than just a hobby.

In this upcoming period of unpredictability, our mission is to continue to support not only you but also our suppliers and outfitters. We’ve had many of our loyal customers contacting us, concerned about the future of their favourite lodges. We’re worried about them too. The future of the lodges we all love to visit and have been welcomed into by immensely hardworking teams of staff and dedicated owners their families and the guides is perilously at stake and so are the cherished memories that they allow us to make. It saddens us to think that not all of our tour operators, lodges, guides and businesses will make it through this financially and come out the other side.

As most of you, I have so many fond memories of these destinations, the staff and the experiences they create. Most notably, the bonds forged between us, our customers and our suppliers. The friendships we have all made over the years is priceless, something Sportquest is determined to preserve, allowing future generations to forge their own special memories just as we’ve been able to. That’s why now we must come together.

It’s important to understand that this is not one person’s burden but a situation that will ask a great deal of support from all of us. This is no easy task and relies on all of us coming together. We will be asking our suppliers, lodges, and guides to be as generous and as compensating as they can be. Something that we are also asking from you and of us. By planning ahead for the future and staying positive, we are supporting the guides and their families, so they are still there when the world inevitably regains some normality.

The response we have already seen from you all, and are continuing to see, has been phenomenal. Words cannot describe how touching your messages have been and thus played a significant part in boosting our morale through these uncertain times. You are already doing so much in supporting both Sportquest and our guides, and for this we thank you. The passion for our sport still burns strong, fuelled daily by the support we are all showing each other.

Many of our customers and friends have expressed a wish for us to continue to post on our social media channels to keep a little light of positivity out there among the more gloomy news. So we will continue to deliver exciting articles, interesting stories and travel news from all around the fishing world, keeping you abreast of new and exciting destinations that we are all so eager to preserve, hopefully putting a smile on your faces in these difficult times.

You can keep up to date with all of our exciting content on our Facebook PageInstagramTwitter and Youtube Channel, and for those who are members of our private groups, you will have access to exclusive content and can join in and chat with anglers in our Fly fishingSea fishingFreshwater fishingBig game fishing and Shooting groups respectively.

Please feel free to contact us on 01603 407596 The team are safely tucked away working from home and as always, it’s a pleasure to speak to you all.

Ultimately this situation will come to an end. How the history books will remember this is yet to be seen and is something that we are all a part of. However, by staying in contact, supporting each other and keeping the passion alive we, as a community, will come out the other side stronger, closer and more connected to our fellow anglers more than ever before.

Warm Regards,

Peter Collingsworth

March 24th 2020

As we lock down and prepare to move into the next phase of battling this virus our dearest wish from all of us at Sportquest is that you, your family, friends & colleagues stay safe and well.

With the lockdown period now officially in place, we wanted to let you know what processes we have put in place to assure you of our continued service to you.

Our sophisticated software systems are all cloud-based which means we can all safely work from home so key personnel have been supplied with computers along with VOIP telephones enabling them to offer our services from a safe place while the lock-down period is enforced. All our usual email addresses and telephone numbers will work as before during our normal working hours.

If you have holidays coming up in the future we understand that you will have concerns, however, we would ask all customers to be patient as we will be in contact with each booker closer to your time of departure when we can be more sure of any restrictions that may or may not be in place.

We are open as normal for all new bookings as many customers have already realised that with so many bookings getting deferred to 2021 the availability for favourite destinations are already becoming extremely tight and places are filling up.

We understand that the coming days and weeks will be filled with uncertainty however, our staff are and will continue to be on hand to answer any questions you might have. We would like to offer some hope and positivity for the future so we will continue to post content on all our social media platforms and keeping in touch on a weekly basis with our direct e-mails, giving us all something brighter to look forward to in the future.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times through this difficult period.

Peter Collingsworth

Sportquest Holidays

March 18th 2020

The last couple of days have been nothing short of hectic in our office. We have been inundated with telephone calls and emails regarding holidays, flights and travel restrictions from our customers. Our priority is to speak to every customer, in turn, to make sure each person who is due to travel in the next four weeks can have first refusal on alternative dates for later this year or next year. The general mood of anglers is one of disappointment to miss out on a long-awaited fishing holiday but everyone we spoke to has been upbeat and positive.

The amazing tenacity of our anglers never ceases to impress us. When speaking to one of our customers regarding their flights to Norway. His response was, “I’ll swim to Oslo if I have to!” In a time of concern and worries, comments like this are what keep us going.

March 16th 2020

As the global situation is changing rapidly we are prioritising and contacting those customers who are due to travel before 30th April 2020 and ensuring our customers who are at present overseas can return home safely. We understand that you may have questions about your upcoming holiday plans so if you are due to depart after the 30th April please email your travel consultant directly or mail to and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Just to give you some idea of what we are dealing with, major airlines such as British Airways and Virgin have closed their telephone lines to the trade and we can only now contact them via e-mail. They are only dealing with enquires 24hours before customers are due to travel. For other airlines, our average wait time for telephone calls on hold is 3 hours, which as you can imagine calling an airline to find out what options is no longer viable.

We are committed to keeping each and every one of you updated as frequently as we can. Your kind words and positivity so far is heartwarming and greatly appreciated.

March 14th 2020

Dear friends,

Due to the recent events surrounding the Coronavirus and the travel restrictions being implemented across individual countries. We, the team at Sportquest Holidays, wanted to reach out to you with an update from the fishing and travel sector knowing that you’ll need the latest information about your travel plans.

Just like the rest of the UK over the past few weeks, there has been one thing on everyone’s mind, and that is this new and uncertain virus. As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread, the rules and restrictions on travel seemingly change daily. With misleading news sources and unreliable social media posts, they are paving the way for confusion and concerns for many. Understandably, many of our frequent travellers have questions.

The relationships we have built over the years with both our customers and suppliers are of utmost importance. That’s why our goal during this time is clear and straightforward; to be above all transparent and clear with our customers regarding their existing bookings, and any future travel plans you may have to give you peace of mind in this uncertain time. We have already spoken with many of you during the last week and appreciate those conversations.

At this time, the destinations we deal with that have been affected are; Christmas Island, Argentina and the Andaman Islands. Which have clearly defined travel restrictions and are at present unreachable. We are monitoring all the reliable sources of information every minute of the day. We are in regular contact with our suppliers as news unfolds around the world. Our team as always are here in the office, willing to answer any questions you may have. We are happy to talk through any interests or concerns.

It’s easy to get lost in a world of “what-ifs” and be perturbed from wanting to travel. However, as the last few weeks have shown speaking to so many of you, this is not the case. The passion and pride you all have for the sport, the evident love of fishing and shooting we all share, and your desires for travelling has continued to inspire us all at Sportquest. This is something that we should all be proud of and celebrated in these trying times. As no matter what happens, we will all continue to travel for the love of our sport.

The best advice that we can give our customers is to remain patient and trust reputable sources for your travel information. We will continue to update you regularly as the weeks’ progress from reliable sources. Links to these sites can be found below.

Official UK Government Website

World Health Organization

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone for the continued support in these trying times. We look forward to working with you all over the coming months.

Warm Regards,

Peter Collingsworth

Blog Comments

  • David Mcinnes


    Myself and three others are booked to travel to A in Lofoton on 16th July and I have been asked to enquire on a couple of points raised by members of the group.

    1. One of the party is concerned that, because of his age, he is at risk if he contracts the virus. He what’s to know that if the trip goes ahead and he is unwilling to travel, what would be the financial implication?

    2. Another of the party has stated, when the balance of the trip is due to be paid and there is no confirmation of the trip going ahead, he may be unwilling to pay the balance until the situation is fully clear.

    3. Is it possible to reschedule the trip before the travel situation is clarified?

    4. If the trip is cancelled and no suitable dates are available for next year, how soon would our monies be reimbursed?



  • Paul Stevens

    Hello David, thanks for your message I will call you so we can discuss.

    All the best


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