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Crestones End Of The Season Report

Crestones End Of The Season Report

Crestones End Of The Season Report and our Crestones Lodge appropriately celebrated the end of its second full season by way of a fantastic perdiz hunt with our two last clients. This year was very good for perdiz. More cover and good hatches led to an abundance of birds, the benefits of which will be seen for seasons to come in this beloved upland bird area near Buenos Aires.

Most clients succeeded in limiting out during the season, with afternoons of 30 or more flushes. Our “Home Pool”—a prime perdiz field near the back of the lodge—produced almost 500 birds this year. We typically quit hunting it by late July to ensure the birds remain plentiful. For being so close to one of the biggest cities in the world, perdiz hunting at Crestones Lodge remains superb.

In addition to perdiz, duck hunting was also good. We started in early May with low water, focusing on our big lakes and larger marshes. By mid-May the skies started to pour, which changed everything! Our smaller ponds brimmed, corn and sorgum fields flooded, and the ducks spread all around. As fresh ducks entered the area the hunting improved. June and July brought light rain which, combined with May’s wet weather, kept our ponds, marshes and rivers in great shape. Crestones End Of The Season Report

Teal hunting was good all season. And yellow billed pintails arrived in big numbers. Later in the season we had an influx of white cheek pintails. The mighty rosy bills were here and there. One days we’d locate big flocks; the next they were gone. They can fly hundreds of miles in one night. We think that most of the rosys of the Parana River flyway stayed in western Buenos Aires province, because it received more rain than us in May. Thousand of acres of corn were flooded there, luring massive numbers of ducks—especially rosy bills.

Dove shooting was good for our low volume standards. Very easy to burn 10 to 20 boxes in an afternoon. Pigeon hunting, on the other hand, was slow, the main reason being that the grain harvest was late and the birds remained spread out almost all winter. Usually by mid-May the harvest is done and the pigeons concentrate in big roosts that are easy to locate and hunt. Crestones End Of The Season Report

This season all of our big game clients shot nice wild Blackbucks. Repeat clients replaced shotgun with rifle for a day and scored a record-size buck—harvested cleanly with one shot.

Overall, 2012 was a season full of hunting highlights. Our guests left very happy, talking about coming back—a great indicator that the program is succeeding!

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Crestones End Of The Season Report
Crestones End Of The Season Report
Crestones End Of The Season Report
Crestones End Of The Season Report
Crestones End Of The Season Report

Crestones End Of The Season Report

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