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Feedback: How It Works?

Sportquest Holidays takes customer feedback / satisfaction very seriously, which is why we contact all customers after returning from one of our tours.

We ask customers to review everything about their tour, from the flights and transfers, to their fishing or shooting experience, right through to how we dealt with trip confirmation and billing. This feedback helps us to see where we could improve, and lets other customers see what you love about us.

The reviews are also a fantastic opportunity to share your experiences and tips with other customers considering the same destination, so we strongly
encourage our customers to spend a few minutes to complete their questionnaire.

Rating Details

We collect a rating (of Excellent, Good, Adequate or Poor) for 12 different aspects of your tour, which would be information-overload to other customers. Because of this, we will process the ratings we receive to generate an overall score.

For example:


In the above example, Accommodation has a score of 83%. Each customer’s review’s mark for each question is scored by 3 points for Excellent, 2 for Good, 1 for Adequate and 0 for poor.

Each question is then divided by the maximum possible score to obtain its overall rating.

So in our example, one customer rated the Accommodation as ‘Excellent’ and another as ‘Good’. Its score of 83% is then calculated as:


The same scoring function is also used to calculate overall rating scores.

In addition to this we then collectively add up all the scores for all destinations and all reviews to provide a real Customer Satisfaction score of Sportquest Holidays serves.

Below is our LIVE current REAL customer satisfaction score. We are the ONLY specialist tour operator who provides information about what our customers REALLY have to say about us.

We are the only fishing & shooting tour operator to run a live real customer and real feedback system.

Below live is how we currently score with ALL our customers feedback combined.

Ask our competitors for theirs… because they do not have one.

Confirmation Process
80% Complete
Consultants' Service
79% Complete
Billing Process
77% Complete
Pre-trip Information
77% Complete
Equipment Information
72% Complete
Would use us again
99% Complete
Would recommend us
99% Complete

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