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Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Icelandic Rivers has become world-renowned for its quality of fishing it provides. It is not a new sport the English gentry first started fly fishing for Salmon back in 1860, as the demand grew more rivers had Atlantic Salmon introduced which now provides us with more than 100 Salmon rivers in Iceland. Iceland is known to many anglers for some of the best salmon fishing in the world today. Less known is the fact that there are also outstanding trout fishing opportunities. Most of the many lakes and majority of the smaller and colder rivers in Iceland offer good fly fishing for both brown trout and char.

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Iceland is an island situated in the North Atlantic. This land is still volcanically active with lava flows still active to this day. The landscape of Iceland consists of mountains, glacial flows and lava flow. Fresh glacier-fed rivers are leading to the sea, making for some stunning scenery while fishing. 


The Icelandic rivers are set into three categories, based on their origin: You have glacial rivers, which are very dependent on temperature fluctuations. During winter there is less water flow as water, much water is in the form of ice. This volume increases gradually with the longer days and their water flow rate peaks in July and August at the hottest time of the year. The second category, runoff rivers which rely on the precipitation, mostly in the least permeable areas, where the water runs off on the surface. Therefore, these rivers have their best flow in the wetter months during spring and autumn. The air temperature mostly influences the water temperatures for runoff rivers. Spring-fed rivers have constant volume and temperatures the whole year-round. This continuous temperature ensures that these rivers never freeze over at the source.


There are many great Salmon rivers in Iceland, and there is a river to suit all types of anglers. So, if you are looking to catch your first one, or maybe you are now looking for numbers of fish. Perhaps it’s time to start hunting down the trophy Atlantic Salmon. Regardless of what you are looking for Sportquest Holidays has built up a portfolio to cover all your possible wishes. Below we have listed the main rivers with a brief description of each one.  

Deildara River is a delightful three-rod river situated in the northeastern part of Iceland. It may be just 7 km long, but the 19 named pools offer the chance to catch large multi-sea wintered Atlantic Salmon. 

The Grimsa River is one of Iceland’s most beautiful fly fishing rivers and is one of a few Icelandic rivers that has tradition stamped all over it. It was frequented by British lords and generals as early as the late nineteenth century and whilst, as with most of Iceland’s rivers today, it is primarily a grilse river. 

The Hafralonsa River which is located in the northeast corner of Iceland is one of the wild and remote rivers of Thistilfjordur. Salmon run far and deep inland, and at the top, there is a vast canyon with a series of breathtaking falls. 

Haukadalsá River is an exclusive five-rod salmon river located approximately 150 km north-west of Reykjavík and less than two hours drive. The river is famous for its easy accessibility and high average catch statistics. It is also one of Iceland´s most attractive salmon rivers. 

The Hitara River is ideal for intact parties looking for technical salmon fishing with a sprinkling of multi-sea winter fish. The Hítará is one of the country’s best-known salmon rivers. Though an average-sized river, it has a long and remarkable fishing history, dating back to when British gentry started fishing here. 

Hofsá River is one of the “big” northeast rivers and one of the two major Vopnafjordur rivers, and it is situated about 600 kilometres from Reykjavik. Hofsá has a long canyon on the top beats, a dramatic impassable falls and a string of challenging pools as the river thunders down the canyon. 

The Hrútafjarðará River is an excellent three-rod river in the north of Iceland, approximately 180 kilometres from Reykjavik. A beautiful river which runs from Holtavorduheidi down towards Hrutafjordur and full of stunning looking pools.

The Huseyjarkvisl River, situated in northern Iceland, is perfectly suited for fly fishing. Each pool offers good pace and holding spots for swinging flies. The water temperature usually is relatively high in Icelandic terms and perfect for salmon activity, making it an excellent surface fishery.

Kjarrá River has all the qualities that make Icelandic rivers famous for salmon fishing. With crystal clear water and an endless variety of pools, it is one of the top Icelandic rivers. The landscape is strikingly beautiful; you often feel like you are fishing in the middle of nowhere, with only you and nature.

The Langa River is one of Iceland’s most notable salmon rivers, flowing over 36 km from its source in Lake Langavatn it offers some beautiful fly fishing water. The crystal clear water has 93 named salmon pools, and the river has a dependable water flow, relatively easy wading and remains one of the most naturally productive rivers in Iceland.

Laxa I Adaldal River is extraordinary with tremendous character. It is an excellent option for those looking for bigger fish in Iceland while at the same time enjoying comfortable accommodation and good food.

The Laxá I Asum River is located in the north-west of Iceland amid green and fertile valleys and is approximately four hours drive from Reykjavik. The river is a fly fisherman’s paradise, and most of the 50 named pools are short and don’t take long to fish. 

Laxa I Dolum is a medium-sized river with a fair volume of water, flowing down a rocky bed with alternate pools and runs. This river is famed for its large stock of fish, and numerous multi sea-winter Salmon caught every year.

Laxá I Kjos River is located within Hvalfjordur near to Reykjavik this river has quickly built a fantastic reputation as one of the world’s best small salmon rivers and is considered one of the more technical salmon rivers in Iceland. If you have a passion for fishing small flies and hitching, then the Laxá I Kjos is the destination for you.

The Miðfjarðará River Located on the north-west coast of Iceland is a small, gin-clear river offering world-class and classic Icelandic salmon fishing. A real Icelandic gem that keeps producing the goods even in low water years. 

Nordurá River is located in Borgarfjörður on the west coast of Iceland and offers outstanding, high-class Atlantic Salmon fly fishing for adventurous anglers. It is the highest producing natural river in Iceland and ideal for small two-handed or single-handed rods. 

The Straumfjardara River is a short river fed by two mountain lakes and several smaller springs which combine to create 12 km of prime Salmon holding water, as well as char and sea trout in the lower reaches. It has 27 named pools producing an annual average catch of 400+ Salmon to just four rods. 

Thverá River is one of the most prestigious Atlantic Salmon rivers in Iceland and has been frequented by British salmon anglers since the late 19th century. It is the lower part of the legendary Thverá-Kjarrá River and offers 107 diverse salmon pools over its 26 km length.

The West Rangá River is one of the best known Atlantic Salmon rivers in Iceland. Not only for its beauty and the great variety of fishing pools but also the high volume of Atlantic Salmon caught there every year.


A fishing trip to Iceland is something that’s not to be missed by anybody. Contact our expert team, who will help you to organize your perfect dream holiday.

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