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Norway is the home to some of the largest Atlantic Salmon in the world. The angler taking their fly rod over will not be disappointed as they have the opportunity to catch some incredible sized fish with 20kg plus fish swimming these waters. It is not only freshwater fly angling that we can offer in Norway, we now offer fly fishing on the sea for monster Coalfish which is proving to be a hit with our customers.

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Our camps in Norway offer top class services, from the superb guides to the to the lodges themselves, every aspect of your Norway fly fishing holiday will exceed expectations. It is not only the Atlantic Salmon fishing that attracts fly anglers to the land of the Vikings but the Sea Trout fishing in Norway is also equally as good with some stunning fish of a great size running these rivers every season.

A popular fly fishing destination in Norway is the Orkla River. Orkla River Salmon are typical Norwegian fish, with deep chrome bodies and big powerful tails. They are the perfect design to deal with travelling at speed through powerful rivers and over long distances. They can grow to impressive sizes with 30lb+ fish being landed every year and the numbers of good size fish landed in the catch reports of the lodge makes for impressive reading.

Reisastua Lodge is the perfect place to spend a weeks Salmon fishing, being nestled in the stunning surroundings of the Reisa valley with the perfect view of the river and the mountains. The Lodge is known throughout Europe for producing lucky Salmon anglers their dream fish during every season. These magical fish do exceed the 40lb mark and can create hysteria amongst even the most experienced Salmon anglers. Having the opportunity to catch Salmon of this magnitude under the glistening light of the midnight sun, makes Reisastua Lodge a must visit Salmon destination.

Winsnes Lodge on the River Guala is a great destination for any Salmon angler wishing to experience a well run Salmon river. The Gaula River appears in the top five rivers in Norway most years for its regular catch statistic’s and Winsnes Lodge is a very large contributor to these statistics. Winsnes Lodge is also a good destination for both groups and single anglers alike due to the lodge catering for up to eight rods a week with some single rooms available.

If you have any questions on our Norway fly fishing holidays contact us in the office, our fly fishing department will be happy to help you with any queries you have.

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