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Fishing Holidays In Thailand

Fishing Holidays in Thailand are very popular with anglers from around the world. Whether they are looking to catch native species such as the Mekong Catfish or the more exotic Arapaima, once you have travelled on a fishing holiday in Thailand you will want to go back year after year. With such places as the world-famous Gillhams, Predator Lake, IT Lake or other well-stocked lakes, Thailand fishing holidays offers some of the best freshwater fishing you will find. Also with its close proximity to Bangkok, it makes for a great holiday where you spend a few days in Bangkok enjoying the city then move down to places like Krabi and enjoy some of the best freshwater fishing in Thailand you are ever likely to experience. The fishing holidays in Thailand will suit anyone whether you are a couple looking for an exotic getaway or a group of anglers looking to tick some species off your lists.

Listed below are some of our top All inclusive Thailand fishing holidays

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What Thailand Fishing Resorts are on Offer?

Thailand fishing resorts have been set up to help travelling anglers focus on certain species normally in complete luxury without the need to trek through the jungles. Fishing holidays to Thailand will no doubt make all your fishing dreams come true. Thailand is home to vast amounts of man-made lakes, and all-inclusive fishing holidays in Thailand. These lakes are home to the fish that anglers will be flying out to catch. When a freshwater angler thinks of Thailand, they will no doubt have images in their minds of fishing in Jurassic looking landscapes, surrounded by deep green flora and fauna with towering mountains in view shrouding these lakes in mystery.

What Fish Will I catch In Thailand?

We see many British and other overseas anglers taking their fishing holidays in Thailand to this stunning land, all ready to catch some genuinely astounding species, and these species are massive in size. One such popular fish is the Siamese Carp. This fish is one that many Carp anglers specifically want to target due to the fact it reaches proportions in excess of 150lb.

It is not only Siamese Carp that appeal to anglers on their Thailand fishing holiday packages, but the chance of hooking a prehistoric Arapaima is also a strong possibility. These incredible fish reach sizes over the 500lb mark from a freshwater lake such as Gillhams. Just imagine the battle you will be locked into if you hook one of these. Other species to be found in these waters include the Red-Tailed Catfish, Arowana, Giant Gourami, Mahseer and even the hard fighting silver king that is the Tarpon.

What is the accommodation like in Thailand?

This all depends on the type of fishing holiday to Thailands you have booked. There are the stunning lakeside bungalows at the world Famous Gillhams fishing resort in Thailand. These bungalows are perfect for single anglers, small groups, couples or large families. Then you have the multi lake trips we offer and the accommodation on these are a little more like hotels and basic bed and breakfast style Thailand fishing packages. If you are after something a little more luxurious then call one of our dedicated freshwater specialists in the office. They can completely come up with a bespoke fishing holiday package to Thailand.

How to Catch Fishing In Thailand?

This all depends on the lake and resort you are fishing. Gillhams fishing resort is a little more like your conventional ledgering with rods sat on alarms and baited rigs. Then places like Bung Sam Lan Lake and Predator Lake offers lure and fly fishing and is a more active way of fishing. We have complete control over the lakes you fish, so if you would prefer to fish more at Predator Lake then we can set up the itinerary whichever way you wish.

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