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Get Hooked On Salmon Great Inspirational Offers

Get Hooked On Salmon Great Inspirational Offers

Atlantic Salmon Special Offers and along with our good friends at Winsnes Farm on the beautiful Gaula river in Norway we have managed to acquire you, not only access to the most famous Salmon Fishing River in Norway but also access to the most famous beats on it. With the likes of Kjelflløe pool, moving upstream to øksoy pool, the Rohølen pool, followed by the Lilllesterøm pool and ending at the most famous pool on the Gaula Kroken. Famous for the numerous catches of 40lb Salmon. Upstream from Kroken is our new water part of the Flaskholen beat starting with Bottle Pool, then Railway pool, Old bridge pool, ending with the top pool named Junction pool, as its name suggests its at the junction with the Fora River which flows into the Gaula.

Now if all this was not enough, we also run this fishery more like traditional Salmon fishing in Scotland whereby all the pools apart from the Junction pool will be well rested as there is no fishing between the hours of 2am to 6am and also between 2pm and 6 pm. Due to the summer 24hr daylight hours the remaining 16 hours of daylight will be available for fishing.

We only have a maximum of 10 rods on each week. Rods will fish in pairs with light guiding from our resident ghillies who will be on hand visiting all pools to provide help and advice on the best approach and some of the favorite salmon lies. Each pair then rotates to a fresh pool every four hours and during the two rest periods if you still haven’t had enough you can still fish the Junction Pool.

If all of the above still doesn’t have you hooked, like any good angler lets change the approach. What if we offer you on selective weeks one of the additional attractors such as?

Cannot fail to catch approach, on our guaranteed Salmon weeks, where in the unlikely event you fail to catch get a 50% refunded of the fishing cost?


Need a little more assistance try the hosted weeks by Guideline’s Lawrie Hickman & Matt Hayes


Invested a little too much on fishing tackle lately (we all do it) so need some savings? We have you covered; book before the 30th April and SAVE £450 to £600 per person dependent on actual week.

Hooked? You should be, for full details on this great destination and all the offers CLICK HERE

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