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Hosted Soroya 2013 Norway Fishing Report

Hosted Soroya 2013 Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Land Of The Big Fish ‘Soroya, Norway’

Can’t believe I am sitting back in the office already writing my full Norway Fishing Report, it has gone so quickly. I was there for 16 days this year guiding two separate groups of guys. I travelled to this fantastic destination with the first group of 8 guys then said my good byes a week later then met the second group of 8 guys. I would just like to say a quick thank you to all the guys who made this trip one I will never forget. Lets start the Norway Fishing Report with the first group of guys, Roy, Andy, Gerry, Will, Chris, Colin, Keith and his son Carl. What a great group of guys to spend a weeks fishing with, many thanks for all the entertainment!!

I will start with week 1 of the Norway Fishing Report and then in the next couple of days I will do week 2.

Norway Fishing Report Day 1 (Tuesday 26th March 2013)

With all my suitcases and cool box packed it was off to Gatwick Airport for my first flight to Oslo. Once I had had met all the guys in the bar at the airport, it was off to Norway. Once we arrived at Oslo Airport it was straight to the over night hotel for a shower and some very good food, I would highly recommend their Burger, a little expensive but every one had said it was by far the best burger they had eaten then after a few beers it was off to bed ready for an early start the following day.

Norway Fishing Report Day 2 (Wednesday 27th March 2013)

This day is mainly spent traveling, but like they say ‘the most remote places are the best’. The day starts at around 6am with a lovely breakfast before being transferred back to Oslo Airport for our 9am flight to Alta. After a short flight, we were greeted by our coach driver who would then take us to the camp. This journey may sound a long one but it soon flies by with all the stunning scenery to take your mind of it. The bus journey is around 3hrs then you take a ferry that is around 1hr on to the Island of Soroya then it’s a short 45mins to the camp.

Once we had pulled up to the camp, we were greeted by all the Norwegian guides and the bar owner and then shown to our cabins, which are right on the waters edge giving fantastic views of the sea. By now it was around 7pm so by the time we had unpacked it was time for our induction talk where the guides go through safety at sea and then it was down to the boats to check them over and make sure we were familiar with them. Once all this was done it was back to the cabins for a bite to eat and a few drinks and relax.

Norway Fishing Report Day 3 (Thursday 28th March 2013)

Every body was up bright an early on this day ready to get fishing, but unfortunately the guides had just given me some bad news about the weather! There were strong winds and lots of snow storms due for today and wasn’t looking likely that we would be able to go out fishing…. I guess that’s fishing!!

With this bad news everybody was keen to make sure they had all their rods and reels set ready for when we could go out. Once I had shown every body how to set their rods up we decided to head to the local supermarket to buy some provisions. The rest of the day was spent fishing around the harbour for Dabs and Plaice, but with severe snowstorms battering us we didn’t last long and decided to call it a day and retire to the cabins for a warm cup of tea and a bit of socialising.

Norway Fishing Report Day 4 (Friday 29th March 2013)

When I woke this morning the first thing I done was to look out the window to see if there were any improvements on the weather front but sadly not. The winds were still blowing hard and the sea looked rough. I have been to this destination a few times now at this time of year and have never experienced anything like this. Its really sad to see anglers very keen but no where to fish, but all I could do was to say how good the fishing will be once we can get out there. That’s the worst thing, I know the fish are out there waiting for us to fish for them but we cant get out of the harbour. At around lunchtime, I called the head guide and asked him for an update on the weather and with some good news, I was feeling very confident again and rushed to tell the guys that we were going fishing tomorrow morning. With this bit of good news the guys had lifted their spirits and tried once more round the harbour to pass some time

Norway Fishing Report Day 5 (Saturday 30th March 2013)

With every body down at the harbour at 7:30am putting their flotation suits on ready to be on the water at 8am, there was some very keen anglers to get some of these huge Cod on the boat. Once we steamed out to the fishing grounds, around 2 miles out, we quickly located some very impressive shoals of Cod. First drop down and bang, straight in to a 20kilo Cod….. now that’s what I was telling them, the fishing here is crazy fishing. With every body warmed up with some good Cod it was time to locate some better fish. So with one eye on the fish finder I tried hard to look for some of the larger Cod and it didn’t take long. As soon as I had found some I shouted to the guys, ‘big fish at 45mtrs” and down went three large shads. It took around 2 mins of fishing at this depth and whack, a 26kilo Cod was doing battle on the end of a very lucky angler. After a great battle Colin managed to get this impressive Cod on Board for the weighing and pictures, he was a happy bunny! With news coming over the radio from the other boat, the other set of guys were doing just as well with lots of 20kilo fish being landed

The day carried on this way, with I think all anglers landing several 20kilo cod topped by Colin’s 26kilo Cod being the biggest. I know for a fact that there are bigger down there just waiting to be caught

With arms aching and huge smiles my guys requested to go ashore as they had had enough, you may be thinking how can you have enough of this type of fishing, but believe me this is extreme fishing and these Cod pull like no other Cod you would of ever caught.

Once we had arrived back at the harbour and taken our suits off, the other boat turned up with some very happy anglers aboard. We all headed back to the cabins and swapped fishy pictures and stories of the days fishing.

2 Boats 8 anglers

Fish Total: 17 Cod over 20 Kilos up to 26 Kilo

Lots of fish between 10 kilo and 20 kilos, too many to count

Norway Fishing Report Day 6 (Sunday 31st March 2013)

With yesterday’s fish still fresh in people’s minds, it was off for another days fishing this awesome place. We started off fishing the same grounds as yesterday with some great results. We were again straight into big fish with Keith landing the first big fish of the day, weighing in at 24kilo, well-done Keith. I had a quick chat with the other boat and they were also doing very well with big fish all round. The day carried on like this with lots of huge cod being caught and released but Keith’s fish was still the largest. Some of the guys fancied something a little less strenuous, so I took some of them Plaice fishing around the shore with prawns and small hooks, we had lots of dabs and I even managed to get in on the action and caught a lovely big Plaice.

Once every body was back at the cabins I went round to see what had been caught that day and was greeted again with huge smiles and sore arms. I had warned them that it was crazy fishing in Soroya!!

2 boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total: 14 Cod Over 20 Kilos up to 24kilo

Again lots of fish between 10 kilo and 20 kilos

Norway Fishing Report Day 7 (Monday 1st April 2013)

With only 2 days fishing left, people were very keen to see if they could get that magical 30 kilo cod. Myself and the other guide had a quick chat this morning and changed our plans, we decided to fish an area that tends to produce the slightly bigger fish, well it had done the previous week. This area is a little further out and had done a 36.5kilo Cod the week before so we were hopeful that the big girls were still feeding there. With a new mark set in to the chart plotters, we were off. Once over the grounds I started to notice a lot of small Cod, which is perfect big Cod food. I slowed the boat down and searched hard for those big fish. It didn’t take long and noticed a few good fish feeding above the shoals of small Cod. Once I had given the orders on how deep to fish every body had dropped their shads. I thought I would have a go today as there seemed to be a lot of good fish about and as soon as I had counted my Shad down to the correct depth it got nailed by something very big and determined to head to the bottom. Eventually I got the upper hand and slowly but surely I made some progress. I have caught a few Cod in my years of guiding and quickly realised that this was a good one. I kept nice and quiet whilst reeling in this fish making sure no one realised I had one on then once it broke the surface I gave out a little shout of ‘big fish’. On my first drop down I had hooked a 28.5kilo Cod. Once I had chinned the fish out of the water every body reeled in to come and have a look. It was a beast, its head was massive and had a huge fat belly I was very happy and once the pictures were taken I sent her on her way back down to carry on with her life

The other boat of guys had a fantastic day as well boating fish to 27kilo with a huge amount of fish over the 20kilo mark, but I guess the real big girls had moved to a different feeding area. We shall try again tomorrow

2 boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total: 19 Cod over 20kilos up to 28.5 Kilo

Again lots of fish between 10 kilo and 20 kilos

Norway Fishing Report Day 8 (Tuesday 2nd April 2013)

Last days fishing and it last chance for that real big one! This day was very choppy but the fishing was still crazy and every body fished very hard hoping that the next fish would be the one, but it never cam but still had fish to 27kilo, in fact just on my boat we had three 20kilo fish on the boat at the same time a 23kilo a 25kilo and a 27kilo so I guess the day wasn’t too bad.

You may be sitting there reading this and finding it hard to believe that the fishing can be this good but just take a look at the pictures below and speak to any body that has been on one of our trips to this destination and they will tell you exactly the same, that the fishing is crazy and you start to get a bit blasé with catching 20 kilo Cod, some times choosing not to bother getting them out the water for pictures, just un hooking them in the water to get back down to the shoal quicker for a shot at a larger fish.

2 boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total: 18 Cod over 20kilos up to 27 Kilo

Again lots of fish between 10 kilo and 20 kilos

Norway Fishing Report Day 9 (Wednesday 3rd April 2013)

It was going home day for the first group and boy did they have a journey ahead of them. We had received some news the night before that there had been an avalanche the previous day cutting the island off from the main land. With no road transport being able to pick the guys up from the camp we had to revert to the sea to get them off the Island. So we begged a commercial fishing boat to take the guys to the main harbour on the island where they could catch the ferry to the mainland and to our rescue the captain said he would take them!!

So with every body loaded on the commercial boat my self and the other guides waved them all good bye and went straight back to bed to make sure we were well rested for the following group that was to arrive in just over 10hrs.

So until my 2nd week blog, I hope you enjoyed reading this and look forward to seeing you out there one day.

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Paul Stevens

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