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Latest Fishing Report Norway Soroya

Latest Fishing Report Norway Soroya

Fishing Report Norway we are very excited to announce the capture of a huge Cod from Norway. Weighed at an amazing 38 kilo this fish was huge even for Norwegian standards. With the up and coming Hosted Soroya trip we just hope these Fishing Report Norway keep coming as it is getting the whole group fired up for their trip.

Hopefully you will get as excited as us when you read this Fishing Report Norway from Soroya and hopefully one day i will be helping you make your dreams come true, so until my Fishing Report Norway when i am out there, tight lines.

Last Weeks Catch Fishing Report Norway Soroya:


With yesterdays HUGE 38kilo cod we forgot to mention what else was caught. Below is a small break down of just the bigger fish

Boat 1: 22 Cod over 20 with peak at 26 kg

Boat 3: 20 Cod above 20 kg

Boat 5: 4 Cod above 20 kg

Boat 8: 32 Cod over 20 kg, with peaks of 29 -, 31 – and a full 32 kg

And not to mention the Huge 38 kilo Cod every one has heard about

A total of 78 Cod over 20 Kilo’s between 4 boats…… Need we say anymore apart from Click Here for full details of this camp and dates left.

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