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New Giant Trevally Triangle | Lakshadweep Islands

New Giant Trevally Triangle | Lakshadweep Islands

Every now & then something really exciting in the fishing world comes together. We are very pleased to have secured the exclusivity for the UK market probably the best fly fishing and popper fishing for GT’S in the world The New Giant Trevally Triangle | Lakshadweep Islands

With our partners we have managed to combine the first liveaboard operation of its kind in this area, giving us amazing fishing that others find very hard to reach.


Lakshadweep Islands are the northernmost of the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos group of islands, which are at the top of a vast undersea mountain range, A mere 1.5-hour flight from mainland India is all that it takes to set foot into the softest coral sand you will ever experience. Stepping off the plane you find yourself in the famous ”Giant Trevally triangle” of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea & Laccadive Sea.

It is hard to believe that these Islands, formerly known as the Laccadives, have remained widely untouched from tourism over these years. Just to enter Lakshadweep as a foreigner requires a special license, which we take care of for all our customers. Both tourism and sport fishing is extremely restricted and authorities monitor the fishing closely. Until now the area has been open for some small-scale fishing from and around the main island of Lakshadweep called Agattti and its closest neighbours.

With our partners we have the rights to operate a liveaboard operation accompanied by 2-3 smaller fishing boats all over the huge archipelago opening up new possibilities to explore the magnitude of the area to its full potential.

“Already in our scouting phase, we have found prolific flats with GT, Bonefish, Triggers, Milkfish plus many species as detailed below.”

This new fishing destination is suitable for all anglers, so if you wish to concentrate on one method you can, or you can also fish all methods when you want throughout the week.

We keep things relatively simple, around the boundaries of any reefs we have a mixture of fly fishing and light tackle spinning. On the flats and areas that can be waded we only allow fly fishing. Then off the reefs and above the sea mounts there are countless popper & jigging fishing opportunities, so you can fish exactly as you wish.

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

Monster GT’S to be caught both on the fly and poppers, unbelievable action.

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

You will get many many double hookups, this new place is insane.

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

Sportquest Holidays is proud to be different and still the one and ONLY specialist tour operator to offer you complete fishing holiday packages from around the world, detailing exactly what are both included and excluded. Plus all our destinations are shown and charged in UK Sterling.

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

Amazing popper fishing with guides even willing to dive in to try and help you land monster GT’S

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

There’s also tons of stunning Bluefin Trevally

New Giant Trevally Triangle Lakshadweep Islands

Prime targets for Fly fishing is Giant Trevally, Bluefin & other Trevallies, Bonefish, Triggerfish, Milkfish, Red Seabass, Indo Pacific Permit, Sailfish and various Tuna Species to count but a few.

“The sheer numbers of fish being caught is outstanding”

Popping and Jigging anglers are all about GT, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Jobfish, Coral Trout, Grouper, Snapper, Sharks, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Dorado, Sailfish, Amberjacks…amongst others. And then, of course, we have the spectacular Napoleon Wrasse roaming the waters all over the Lakshadweep archipelago!

Tight Lines

Peter Collingsworth

Blog Comments

  • Tom

    I have been waiting for this destination to come out.

    I had heard whispers and the stories about the fishing, plus read a report from some guys who fished there, but it was a very rough trip having to sleep on the wooden fishing boats.

    Can you give me more information, dates, prices and how many people is it for please


    • Peter Collingsworth

      Hello Tom

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      It sounds very much like the same place you are thinking of. However as you can see our operation is far better as we have the ONLY liveaboard boat. We have taken a liveaboard dive boat and had it completely refitted with everything anglers need.

      Now it means that you stay in the area that is impossible for others to reach in relative comfort. Each day you then fish from the traditional wooden boats that are perfect for popper or jigging. We also use these boats for fly fishermen, but only use them to transfer customers to the wadable areas that are teaming with fish.

      You can either find out the full trip details on the website or call me in the office and I can talk you all through it.

      Regards Peter

      • Tom

        Peter I will call you in the morning is that ok?

        • Peter Collingsworth

          No worries I am in all day tomorrow

          Look forward to a chat.


  • Steve

    Do you have any idea when your group trips will be?

    • Peter Collingsworth


      At this point not quite sure, we are looking at our availability and trying to work out when we can fit some more hosted trips in.

      However we are also collecting names of people and what type of trip they would prefer either lure fishing or fly fishing. This will also allow us to work out what people want the most.

      Give us a call in the office if you would like to put your name down.


      • Steve

        Perfect thanks 🙂

  • Terry carter

    Info on flyfishing your fishery

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