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Norway Fishing Report

Journey To Sandbakken Fishing Report Norway

After 15 hours, 2 flights & many miles later we’ve arrived at the Sandbakken Lodge! Which will be our home for the next seven days!

We left sunny Norwich at 7.30 this morning and after a quick breakfast courtesy of Macdonalds! we were on our way to Gatwick. Fortunately, the roads were trouble-free and we arrived at our purple parking just before 12. After the short bus journey to the airport, and after many luggage re-arrangements, desperate to keep our suitcase weight below 20kg! we checked in and even had time for a quick pint! Or a rather elaborate hot chocolate…! Within the hour we were in the skies and heading to the land of the giant Cod! (we hope…!)

Landing in Oslo at around 5, we didn’t have to wait long before we were in the skies once again, this time on our journey to the military airport of Bardufoss. Now Bardufoss is like all airports should be! It’s more like a shed than an airport, but means there’s no queuing, waiting around or general hassles!

We had left Norwich bathed in sunshine and temperatures of 21 degrees, we arrived in Oslo to broken cloud and temperatures of 12 degrees, we had arrived in Bardufoss to temperatures of 3 degrees, with 6ft piles of snow all around and were told it was warm!

Credit to the Norwegians, who although are probably used to the sub-zero conditions and icy roads, didn’t seem to flinch at the prospects of going out and doing there day to day business!

Within 20 minutes of landing, we were on the minibus and on the last part of our journey to the lodge, once we arrived we unpacked, got a brew on! and started to sort the mounds of tackle we’d all brought with us. With colourful, weird and wonderful things coming from all tackle boxes and rig wallets, we sat down and started to get the end tackle sorted, a couple of quick demonstrations later and we’re all revved up and ready to go (as the Ramones once said!)

First days fishing tomorrow, everyone’s chomping at the bit to get out and wet a line, fingers crossed the fishing gods will be good to us!

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  1. Peter C

    Glad to see you all arrived ok, i am off from bangkok to krabi in the morning so i will get to wet a line. Ps its a chilli 32 today i must put some clothes on. Have fun and look forward to your blog

  2. Mark

    Hi chris i am interested in how you get on as looking for a group trip in 2012

  3. j.collins

    Hi chris,hope you and your group get some good fishing in,catch plenty of cod.Looks a bit chilly there.

  4. Chris Administrator

    Hi Mark, no problem, will be blogging everyday for the next two weeks so keep an eye out on here for the up to date reports!

  5. Chris Administrator

    Thanks J. Collins, it’s been good so far! Got another couple of weeks yet, so be sure to come back and check them daily!

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