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fly fishing for salmon at bristol bay lodge

2nd Hosted Week Report From Bristol Bay Lodge

Wow what a week it was for Phil Barker’s hosted week at Bristol Bay Lodge.

All members of the twelve strong group had amazing catches with Fergus McMullen”s group of four catching 102 fish in just ONE day at Birch camp including Dolly Varden to 9lb.

It was John Morris’s first ever time  fishing and he started his week with a 28lb King, not bad for his first ever fish!

3 days later he and his dad Mike caught 52 Kings on Togiac River for the day , a new record for the river.

There were huge numbers of big Chum Salmon caught from the confluence at Rainbo camp and Ron, Race, Richard and John were credited with over 60 for their visit as well as Sockeye and Kings all to the fly.

Phil and Ken had good numbers of fish with Kings to 30lb big Sockeyes, Chum and Dolly Varden to 8lb.

In total we have no idea how many Salmon were caught but it would be in the many many hundreds for the week. On top of this the amazing Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout and Grayling its no wonder why people love these hosted weeks.

We are looking forward to next year already with places already sold it could be another large group.

There are already ONLY a few rods left on both our hosted weeks for 2016, so if you would like to join us and enjoy real full on Salmon action please call today 01603 407596 to reserve your place.

Regards Peter Collingsworth

If you would like to see the full trip details CLICK HERE

Below is just a few of the many pictures we have received so far, we are still awaiting on over 50 % of the groups pictures but at least this gives you a real teaser of what you are missing.

Customer holding a Chum Salmon

These Chum Salmon have stunning markings and fight so much harder than people realise

Customer holding a Chum Salmon with big smile

The smiles tell the whole story another hard fishing Chum

King Salmon caught on the fly

Group picture with a nice fresh Chinook / King Salmon, well done everyone.

Anglers eating a shore lunch, fly fishing Alaska

Happy fishermen enjoying a shore lunch fly fishing bristol Bay Alaska

Race with a big king salmon caught on the fly

Race looking very happy with just one of his many many Kings caught fly fishing.

customer holding up a King / Chinook Salmon

Another stunning King Salmon caught fly fishing Bristol Bay Lodge Alaska

Phil Barker with King Salmon Alaska

Your host Phil Barker and guide posing with a nice fresh King. Catching these fish on the fly is amazing sport.

Sockeye Salmon Alaska

Sockeye and customers smiling for the camera

Large Sockeye Salmon customer holding up for a picture

Phil with a big Sockeye Salmon fly fishing at Bristol Bay Lodge Alaska

Rainbow Camp Bristol Bay Lodge Alaska

Customers setting up at one of the remote fly out camps for the night at Rainbow. The fly fishing hear is mind blowing as its right next to the sea so all fresh run fish.

Guides cooking lunch in Alaska

A real home cooked shore lunch on the Pak River Fly fishing for Salmon in Alaska

King Salmon from Alaska

Every King caught on the fly counts.

Nice Chum Salmon fly fishing in Alaska

Chum Salmon on our hosted fly fishing trips are know for smashing tackle as they fight so hard.

Cum Salmon fly fishing in Alaska with happy customer bristol bay lodge report

A great picture of these Chum Salmon, wow fishing for these fish is a real fun sport.

Race young with a Chum Salmon bristol bay lodge report

Race this time with a Chum Salmon, he could not believe after many many years chasing Atlantic’s what amazing sport he had been missing.

Phil Barker with a Chum Salmon Alaska bristol bay lodge report

Phil with a nice size Chum, notice how the colours are duller as the fish are still fresh. The longer they are in fresh water the bolder the strips become.

If you would like to see the full trip details CLICK HERE


  1. Todd

    Likes like one hell of a trip

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      It is a great trip from start to finish, the lodge and guides are first class. Have you been there before?

      1. Todd

        No but wouldn’t mind having the details

        1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

          I have sent you a private mail with my details call me when you are free.

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