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32 Kilo GT Andaman Fishing Report

Andaman Fishing Report, well we are nearly through November already and the guys fishing at Andaman Islands are having the time of their lives. Catching loads of hard fighting GTs both on jigs and top water lures.

Man holding huge GT from Andaman Fishing Report

The latest set of anglers came so well equipped with a huge array of Carpenter Rods an excellent assortment of Stella’s, that as soon as they arrived they were very keen to hit the water. Recently at the Andaman Islands they have had a little unsettled weather with the onset of a northeast monsoon, but the forecast was looking good enough for the guys to get out there. It was still a little windy but with the GT liking windy conditions it was set to be a good week. As you will of seen in previous Andaman Fishing Report that the conditions are sounding spot on.

Andaman Fishing Report of a very happy fisherman holding a prize GT

This was the biggest Gt of our Andaman Fishing Report

Alfie was the first to set his hooks in to a GT and soon had it beat and to the boat. Once carefully landed they weighed this huge fish and it went 30kilo, wow what a start.

32 Kilo Gt Andaman Fishing Report

The next day of our Andaman Fishing Report the wind blow up a little more so the guides decided to fish the leeside of the island, the action was little slower this day is there was a big drop in pressure but they still managed to land several nice GTs with yet again a top GT of 30kilo.

A very dark GT caught from Andaman Fishing Report

The weather then eased up for the last 2 days of this Andaman Fishing Report allowing them to push to some of our new spots, plus the group had the bigger boat Rampage so it was more comfortable for four anglers. The boat headed out to one of the jigging spots around the 100 meter mark and immediately got stuck into a large school of Yellowfin tuna all of the schooling size. There was nonstop action, including a few dogtooth which probably did not get a chance to hit the jigs because the Yellowfin were so thick. As marlin love to snack on Yellowfin it was not long before an estimated 250 lb black marlin jumped on one of the jig caught Yellowfin, to jump and then head for sunset. On a jigging rod, a marlin of this size is a serious workout, after playing it for close to 40 minutes the hook finally pulled and to be honest I don’t know if the angler was more relieved or disappointed!!

He is so happy he travelled to Andaman Fishing Report

With the improving weather the anglers pushed further for the last day and had an incredible session with lots of GT, missed bites, bust offs and the regular swearing. Alfie got a 121 cm estimated 35 kg GT and Adam a 45 kg white tip reef shark to end the trip as a bunch of happy anglers

Species caught:

GT, Dogtooth, Jobfish, Twin- Spot Snapper, Rainbow Runner, Spangled Emperor, Coral Trout, Yellowfin Tuna, White tip reef Shark

Hope you are enjoying our regular Andaman Fishing Report and be sure to keep in touch as there will be lots more for you guys. If you fancy getting in on some of this excellent fishing for such a huge array of fish species then simply call me on 01603 407596 and we would be happy to send you on a trip of a life time to one of the finest GT fisheries in the world.

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Until next time, tight lines


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