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Norway Fishing Report

Report From Steve Barlow Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report has just recieved an excellent Norway Fishing Report and pictures from one of our customers Steve Barlow, who recently returned from a weeks sea fishing in Sandbakken Norway. So here you go, take it away Steve…!

Well what can I say but its wonderfull place to fish, we were at Sandbakken fishing camp, decent chellets and nice quick boats, loads of decent marks to fish some within 30 seconds of the dock. The weather was the hottest they have had there in memory, we took warm clothes floatation suits and thermals, what we really needed was shorts and tshirts ! the sun never goes down it just stays the same hight day and night and moves around you. We have written you a Norway Fishing Report to show everyone

Norway Fishing Report day 1

we arrived at 11.30pm and were out in the boat for the first trip at 2am, we went straight over to some little islands about 4 miles away that had been producing halibut the week before but only managed cod to 10lb and colies to about 5lb, a quick move to a deep hole in a dead end in front of a factory and i had the best cod of the day at 18lb on a big shad great fun on 20lb class gear they seem to fight much harder than the ones we get here the water is so clear you can see the bottom in 30ft of water as well, back to the dock for 9.30am and a trip to the supermarket for supplies then an hours rest. Norway Fishing Report 

Norway Fishing Report day 2

back out in the boat again by lunch time we tried the marks on the map supplied by the camp but soon came to the conclusion that everyone was fishing these marks and it was hard going only finding odd fish up to 10lb again, had a look with the gps i had bought to go with and found a nice looking pinnacle that wasn’t marked on the charts we had been given and found lots of cod to 10lb and plenty of wolf fish as well to the same size, i had been told that they were the best tasting fish in norway so 1 was brought back for a midnight bbq as explained in this Norway Fishing Report, i dont eat fish but that tasted so good i had wolf fish every day for the rest of the stay.

Norway Fishing Report day 3

we decided on a halibut attack today in a sheltered bay about 13 miles away, first job was to catch some coalies for bait so found a nice looking drop off and a pinnacle with the gps and we soome had plenty about 2lb each on feathers just like mackie fishing lol. the sea was flat calm not a ripple so we soon got into the bay and stopped at 5 meters deep to start the first drift, on went the coalies dropped to the bottom then wound up tro a meter off then the drags set to allow any fish to take line. I looked over the side to see how my coalie looked and there was a halibut at it already, one that looked about 10lb to 15lb they really take a dead bait delicately i watched it take mine into its mouth as far as the head at least 20 times with out a sign on the rod tip then a place came to have a look what was going on that was massive nearly as big as the halibut. there was no wind in that bay at all and no tidal flow so we just never moved the halibut got fed up when i dropped an orange shad down to see if it would take that, it took one look and set off out to deep water ! for the next Norway Fishing Report we moved out to 10 meters deep and i had an instant take the ripped line off the drag as soon as the bait was in the water, after giving it time to take it i tightened the drag and some how managed not to hook it, that was it no more takes there and with no drift at all it was so hot we went in search of some wind, we found a nice looking steep drop off 20 yards off an island with the gps it went from 5 meters to 80 meters very fast and the breeze was blowing nicely to dift us along the drop off nicely, first drop with pirks and we were all in before we hit bottom, thats how it was for 3 drifts each drift was 200yards or more and we caught cod to 10lb non stop, i thought i would try for something bigger with the big shads and it worked straight away all cod i hooked on that were 15lb to 20lb and they came just as fast as the smaller ones on the pirk, i lost one near the surface and a coalie grabbed the shad they fight like mad and we had great fun fishing the shad shallower for them all the coalies from here were 16lb to 23lb, so back to the challets knackered, when we came round into the main channel the wind had got up blowing straight at us which made for a bumpy ride back.

Norway Fishing Report day 4

quite windy today so we decided to stay close well within 10 miles lol we found a nice looking bay with a grntle sloping bottom and tried for halibut again first drop winding the coalie like a shad i had a halibut follow it to the boat maybe 50lb i had a lump off weed on my coalie though ! next drop i got a take so gave it line tightened up and it missed the hook again ! coalies were in short supply so i got the daylights Norway Fishing Report out and used a small jig with an assist hook as weight just in case there was a decent cod about straight away i hooked a big fish it just felt like a dead weight untill it got near the surface then it would urn and go all the way back down to the bottom, this went on for 25 minutes then just as it was getting to the point it would come into sight the hook pulled out ! The only thing i think it could of been was a big halibut. we moved to try some marks around a road brige for cod and coalies but they were extremely snaggy so soon gave that up, a few more drifts for halibut in bays on the way back but no sign, i spotted a hump that came up to 30 meters when all around was 100+ meters so we fished that for a while catching cod and wolf fish to 15lb.

Norway Fishing Report day 5

back after halibut today but it was hard work catching coalies for bait we tried for 3 hours and only had a couple we were being plagued with cod to 10lb on everything we dropped down ! we eventually had enough bait and had found a nice muddy hole behind an island that looked perfect for halibut so got ourselfs into position for the first drift very slowly in 3 meters of water it dropped straight away to 9 meters then gradually down to 20 meters before coming back up again against the island, Duncan had his bait in first before i could even get my rod out of the holder and he was into a big fish that nearly dragged him off the front of the boat before breaking the 60lb leader, he hadn’t set the drag so he got some stick for the rest of the day, no more halibut but we had plenty of cod everywhere we tried.

Norway Fishing Report day 6

we had spotted a few deep holes in a dead end off the main fjord about 15 miles away so decided to try them, from the first drop we were into cod all in the 8lb to 15lb range every drop, there were 3 holes in a row and the drift was perfect to fish all 3 without repositioning 45 minute drifts with non stop fish heaven, we got fed up of cod eventually and decided to go and try for some more of the big coalis on the mark we had found a couple days earlier, they were still there so we caught cod and coalies for the rest of the day 15lb to 24lb, called it a day with aching arms again, you will see on the pics later how tired Duncan and Kieth were between drifts lol

Norway Fishing Report Day 7

all out halibut attack today 3am start so up at 1.30am we only got back in at 11pm the night before, straight down with the wind behind us to the bay we had found and watched the halibut and plaice, this time there was a wind so we set up a nice looking drift from 4 meters deep that would takes us right accross the bay, i dropped my coalie down and there was a halibut there straight away circling it but not taking it we drifted to 11 meters and lost sight of the bottom so i tried jigging on my light rod to see if the halibut would take that straight away i had a hit that never hooked itself then 2 minutes later i had one on 10 minuts playing it with all the other rods out of the way and it came off ! then i thought we were just not meant to get a halibut, no need to worry i dropped the coalie down and straight away had a take and hooked it this one stayed on and i soon had a 10lber in the boat mission accomplished ! next drop i had another one same sort of size and thought this is easy now, i lost anoyther one then Duncan got one his was a better size it still fought nothing like the fish we had lost and weighed in at 33lb. that was it the wind died away and we had no more takes from halibut but kieth had a 20lb cod on his coalie we watched it take it in 5 meters of water.

On the brochure they say theres 6 days fishing but with going out the first night we managed 7 days lol now some pics sorry i never got any of cod or coalies i was just so busy catching them ! Hopefully you have enjoyed Norway Fishing Report

Sportquest Holidays would like to thank Steve for taking the time to write up a report and pictures, we always like to see how are customers are getting on!

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  1. keith hawkins

    ended up so knackered pulling fish up its a brilliant holiday my best ever i am 69 years old and going back for my 3 rd time

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Thats what we like Keith a true fighting spirit and at 69 years of age a true trooper. Looking forward in having you back again.

      Regards Peter

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