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Spain Fishing Report

Fishy Winter Break Spain Fishing Report

Spain Fishing Report Have you fancied going on a short winter break to escape our cold and damp climate? Somewhere that fishes well throughout the year and isn’t a million miles away from home, well after reading this report from a lovely couple that have just returned from Spain Boat fishing for Catfish you might well find your self picking the phone up to book your winter holiday

We were contacted a few months ago by Christine requesting some dates for October for some cat fishing by Boat in Spain and after their return I contacted them to see how they got on and they had these kind words and pictures to tell us: Spain Fishing Report

“We had a great time caught lots of very big hard fighting cat’s and all in very good weather”

Christine decided to join her partner, Ross, on their first days fishing to no success, so the next few days she thought that she better not go as might have been a bad omen (I am sure that wasn’t the case Christine)

After the first day things really did start to pick up, with catfish after catfish and some very big cats at that. The results were very good with the biggest of the trip being 159lb, 153lb, 81lb, 80lb etc etc

 Whilst Ross was out fishing Christine decided to make the most of the good weather and went on bike rides and even went on a days shopping in the nearest city. All in all it was a great sounding holiday with lots of big fish and some very well deserved sunshine

If you have ever thought about going on a fishing holiday during our winter and didn’t want travel to the other side of the World then we can not think of a better destination to get your rod bent. If you would like to give us a call about some dates then please call us on 01603 407596 and you could be jetting off to Spain sooner than you think

Thanks Christine and Ross for your lovely pictures and kind words, we look forward to helping you next year. To view this excellent fishing adventure on the River Ebro Click Here

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