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Big Game Mexico report

A Great Start In Mexico Fishing Report

A Great Start In Mexico Fishing Report This week things really started to turn around down here on the cape. After a dismal week of fishing last week, the weekend showed signs that things were turning around. We started to see a few marlin, pargo, jacks and roosters over the weekend, but still a bit slow. On Monday the 8th annual Reel New “Baja Amigos” group arrived and everyone was anxiously hoping that things would get better. In true East Cape form, bad fishing never lasts and as the week wore on, each day brought better and better fishing. On Tuesday we saw a typical East Cape mixed bag of striped marlin, sail fish, dorado, wahoo, cabrilla, pargo, roosters and jacks. Today we even saw lots of sierra come to the dock. There was a nice bite going on near La Ribera. The tide was definitely changing for the better. Each day boats took turns with great fishing and all the while making sure everyone was having fun. Fishing continues to improve as the air temperatures reached 90 degrees and water temps. are now pushing 80. Last weeks no moon was a complete bust, with some of the worst fishing I’ve seen down here in quite some time. So much for the New Moon theory. Bait has still been a problem as the sardines are still far from the resorts, but the fleet is doing everything possible to get enough bait each day.

As the hotel swelled to over 100 guests this week, and the fishing thankfully turned around for us, we are officially underway with the 2013 season. It looks to be a great season down here on the East Cape. We hope that you will join us.

I almost forgot to mention one of the best stories this week came aboard the cruiser Pez Vela. On Tuesday, they came across a monster billfish. Captain estimated it to be approximately 400lbs., but this billfish did not fight like any marlin they’d ever seen. In fact, it was not a marlin it was a 400lb swordfish. After approximately 45 minutes to an hour of battling this swordfish, the angler started to tire. With one giant lung, the rod and reel slipped out of her hands and flew into the deep blue sea. Before you rush to judgment, remember that a 400lb. sword will fight as hard as a 700lb. blue. They really are one of the most powerful of the billfish family. The reason I am telling this story is not to make fun of the angler for losing the rod, but to let all of you know that there were 3 swordfish spotted this week during the day. We are lucky if we catch one swordfish a season, so see three in one day is a positive sign. That’s it for this week amigos tight lines from all of us in Mexico

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