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Kalum River Lodge Winter Fishing Report

Blog Favourite Guide At The Kalum River Lodge

Kalum River Lodge Winter Fishing Report and we recieved a quick report from our favourite guide on the Kalum river, Andrew Rushton. He’s been out and about and managed to land a few fish for himself. He’s also getting excited about the weather warming up and the new season fast approaching!

Hi All,

Things are starting to warm up here after a long winter. The days are getting longer and the snow is slowly starting to melt. Fishing for Steelhead in the Kalum River has been excellent. The river is still very low so I was able to wade across it in several places. I hiked along the river fishing some of my favourite pools. I had only been fishing for a short time when I hooked into a powerful fish. There is nothing better on a warm spring day than feeling the power of a large Steelhead stripping line as it charges across the river. After several runs I had a beautiful Steelhead at my feet.

I continued to fish the pool and within a few moments I was into another fish, which was even bigger than the first. After another great battle my second Steelhead was landed. Returned home grateful for another superb day’s fishing. The weather forecast is for a week of sunny skies so I will definitely be back out on the river soon.

Regards Andrew

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  1. Johnny J

    Cracking fish buddy and nice picture as usal, keep us informed as things start to warm up over there.

  2. Administrator

    Thanks for the comment! As always a great little report from Andrew, and as usual stunning pictures! The colour on those fish are amazing, especially with the white snow back drop!

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