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Norway Fishing Report

A Quick Sea Update Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report have just recieved a few updates and pictures this week from our lodges and guides at our sea fishing destinations in Northern Norway. We thought it would be plain rude if we didnt share this Norway Fishing Report with you! Hopefully we should be getting some regualr reports so keep an eye out on the blog!

From Soroya

In Soroya, Jimmy reports that the huge Cod the destination is famous for haven’t been disappointing, with many fish in the 10-20kg range landed; one or two anglers surpassing the 20kg bracket, and one fish to 27kg landed in the guide boat.

Fishing has also been fruitful for the anglers who are fishing close inshore for the Halibut and Plaice. With Halibut to 130cm caught and recorded, Dan Becirov was top rod landing the big flatties to 119cm. Frederik Hansen has been enjoying the Plaice fishing, landing fish up to 1.7kg.

Jimmy reports that for the next few days they will be fishing the surrounding areas close to the camp for Halibut and Plaice, as this time of year can be very productive with the fish waking up from there winter slumber!

From Havoysund

At Havoysund, the boats have been targeting Halibut, but Eddie reports saying, “we have problems with cod!” With many fish from 10-17kg being landed, he wrote; When you an find a place without Cod you may also catch Halibut, with fish up to 55kg. The Plaice fishing here has also taken off, with Eddie (the guide!) landing the biggest Plaice of the year so far with a cracking fish of 2.8kg. With the gorgeous weather and great fishing, Eddie says he has many happy guests!

From Tromso…

From our destination in Tromso, fishing has been a little quiet. They have been enjoying sport with some nice Cod to 15kg but the Halibut have yet to show in great numbers. Our guide Ulfe reports Halibut to 27kg, with a fish hooked, but not too many actually landed!

Here’s a few pictures below!

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  1. Captain Paul

    Really liking the updates on Norway, just a quick question, which destination is this?i have a trip booked with you to Havoysund. just wondered if this report was from there?

  2. Chris Administrator

    Hi Paul, thanks for the kind comments! This report is for our destinations in Northern Norway which includes Havoysund, Soroya and Tromso. The destination your going to (Havoysund)is great for the Cod, as you can see from the report, but its also got some five star Halibut fishing! Hope you have a good trip, the guide there Eddie is a great bloke and i’m sure he’ll look after you! Cheers CHris

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