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Sturgeon Fishing Report

A Week Of Fighting Sturgeon Fishing Report

Sturgeon Fishing Report When Tony Quine and Alison Millard first contacted us they were open to suggestions but wanted something very natural and a little on the exciting side, they basically didn’t want a filled stock pond where you knew what to expect. After suggesting a few destinations we finally decided on Sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River

I knew that they would have an excellent time and would love every moment of the holiday but didn’t quite realise how much they would love it.

They ended up landing, over the week, nearly 2000lb’s worth of Sturgeon with a peak fish of around 300lb which took nearly 90 minutes to land and boy did they deserve a beer that night.

They also mentioned that they may well have lost nearly that weight due to the fish jumping trying to shake the hook and sometimes the fish comes away the winner.

Tony also mentioned one particular fish that managed to pick his rig up and take 150mtrs of line before they had a chance to lift the anchor and find sanctuary in a near by sunken tree trunk…. I think that might have been a proper big fish.

They also commented on how efficient all the staff were, saying “they couldn’t have done enough for us”

If you would like to experience for yourself the mighty Sturgeon then give one of our members of staff a call and we will be happy to talk through this destination and put together a trip of a life time like Tony and Alison experienced. To view this Sturgeon destination in Canada Click Here

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