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Fishing Report Spain

Busiest Catfish Week Ever Spain Fishing Report

Spain Fishing Report  Long time friend Martin has just returned from what is classed as a red letter week. He had so many cats and carp that he needed a holiday to recover. Martin travels around the world fishing and by the looks of things Martin will be returning to Spain after such a great trip.

After speaking to Martin and writing his Spain Fishing Report  it was clear that he had experienced the true Spain experience and he absolutely loved every moment of it. He has already booked for next year and hopefully he will have another great time. He is a very talented angler and for him to say that he had the best trip abroad ever you know that it must of been good.

His great week started pretty much minutes after casting out and ended in the same manner so a massive congratulation goes to Martin for landing so many fish and still smiling at the end of it

Thanks Martin for your pictures and if you fancy joining in on some of this then give me a call on 01603 407596 and one day you and your friends could be experiencing this for your selves

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Until next time, tight lines


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  1. Peter Spice

    I met Martin I Canada where we were fishing for the Sturgeon so it’s good to see him bending a rod on those big Ebro cats and Carp and I’m sure he enjoyed a sherbet or two in the evenings. If you love your Carp fishing, check out Paul Hunt on the St Lawrence in Canada, wonderful fishing and great hospitality, or may be you should join me in India for the Mahseer, now that’s proper arm wrenching, rod bending stuff!!!!

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