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amazing fly fishing for salmon at No See Um Lodge in Alaska

No See Um Lodge Report Amazing Fishing

No See Um Lodge Fishing Report which is nestled on a private bluff overlooking the Kvichak River, No-See-Um Lodge is ranked among the finest Alaskan fly-out fly fishing operations for over 25 years. As you can see at this time of the year with record numbers of Sockeye Salmon filling the rivers all in their bright red spawning colours. What this means is amongst these vivid fish are trophy Rainbow Trout that are gorging themselves on the rich supply of Salmon eggs.

Below from a selection of customer’s pictures from last weeks fishing, everyone was enjoying themselves with rich fishing. We also have some amazing images of Beers also enjoying the rich fishing bounty.

We hope you enjoy some of the amazing pictures shared with us below and if you would like to book a space and join us next year please contact Peter in the office. You can also find full details Click Here

River just full of Sockeye Salmon No See Um Lodge Fishing Report

No See Um Lodge Fishing Report What an amazing picture customer hooking and playing Rainbow Trout amongst Sockeye Salmon

Rainbow Trout hooked with egg fly Alaska

Great shot of Rainbow Trout feeding amongst spawning Sockeye Salmon

Rainbow Trout from Kvichak River Alaska

Happy customer Rainbow Trout fishing no see um lodge Alaska

Rainbow Trout from Alaska showing red colours.

Rainbow Trout wedding with Sockeye Salmon Alaska

another happy customer Rainbow Trout No see um Lodge Alaska

stunning Rainbow Trout no see um lodge Alaska

long lean Rainbow No see um lodge Alaska

fly fishing for Rainbow Trout Alaska

True wild Rainbows Alaska

Customer with a Chum from No See Um Lodge Alaska

Finest Rainbow Trout fishing at No See Um Lodge Fishing Report

Taking pictures of beers Alaska

Mother bear with 2 cubs Alaska

Bear salmon fishing Alaska

Grisly Bear chasing Salmon Alaska

Grisly Bears fishing for Salmon Alaska

Grisly bear catches Sockeye Salmon

Grisly Bear eating Sockeye Salmon Alaska

Salmon swimming in front of Grisly bear

Two Grisly Bears face off for the best fishing spot No See Um Lodge Report

Amazing Salmon and Trout fishing at No See Um Lodge with the added bonus of Bear watching in stunning scenery.

Need we say anymore?

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  1. George

    Great pictures and story. how much for a angler and non angler please.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      I have sent you a private e-mail any questions call me

  2. George

    Thanks Peter please do us a quote with business class flights please.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      It will be a pleasure and we look forward in serving you both

      Kind Regards Peter

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