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Andaman Islands Single Angler Success


Another very successful Single Angler week over in the Andaman Islands with two from the UK, one from Germany and one from France. We simply love putting anglers together especially when it is to places like this where the fishing is so very good.

If you fancy joining our single angler trips, we run them to many different destinations around the world then call us to see what we have left. You can call the office on 01603 407596

Below this report we have given you the ONLY dates we have left for our single angler Andaman trips for 2016/2017 season and if you are up for it call us.


It is always good to have a group of anglers from different backgrounds and with a good sense of humour. That’s exactly what we got with our second group of Single Anglers. Alex and Caspar came in from the UK, Andre from Germany and Axel from France. It was the first trip to the Andaman Islands for everyone except Alex. He has fished with Game fishing Asia once in the Andaman’s and once in Sri Lanka before this.

“These single angler weeks are proving so successful”

8 a.m. on day one and Alex was into the first GT of the trip. Everyone else landed a couple more fish before the boat stopped for lunch. When the fishing resumed there was some action amidst bait schools. Popping brought in some Jobfish along with lots of GT. Andre’s GT was the largest for the day.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

What a way to start your week

Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

plenty of other toothy critters to catch


On the second day the fishing started rather slow with a strong Northeast wind blowing but picked up later on in the day. Alex caught a nice Dogtooth Tuna while jigging and more fish were caught on poppers towards the end of the day.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

Crazy hard fighting Dogtooth Tuna


After a two-hour boat ride the anglers were in their fishing grounds on day three. Little did Alex know what awaited him. He hooked into a big tuna or GT while jigging and in the fight that ensued the fish smashed his rod and broke his line. Alex cut his finger in this frenzy. When he showed his bleeding finger to Andre he got a very unsympathetic response. Andre said it’s just a superficial cut! and carried on fishing, much to everyone’s amusement. Except Alex of course.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

Just before things went a little wrong!!


The incident was soon forgotten once everyone started landing fish on poppers. It was a mixed bag of GT, Dogtooth Tuna and Jobfish. Caspar lands a nice 31 kilo GT while Axel caught a large Spanish mackerel. He had lost a big GT just before this. Everyone was happy with a total of over 30 fish for the day.

“Andaman Islands holds some huge GT’s and provide the angler with lots of sport”

The next morning was windy and overcast and the fishing was slow. It was a different story after lunch with GT, Red Snapper and a shark being landed. More action followed while jigging and lots of big fish were lost. Their efforts paid off though and after some relentless popping – a big 25-kilo GT was landed. There were 11 fish landed for the day and a lot more got away.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

What an impressive GT and a new PB


There was no break with the windy conditions the next day. The fifth day of the trip started off with Alex breaking his rod on a big GT on his first cast. Axel landed a big GT and Andre lost a big fish when his line broke due to a cracked eye on his rod. The group landed a total of eleven fish on day 5.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

Plenty of GT’s this size ready to rip your arm off

Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

One of many caught that day


Darran accompanied the group on their final day of fishing and provided his expertise, which made the trip end on a high note. The action picked up later in the day with Axel falling over backwards after his line broke while playing a big GT. Everyone had a good laugh with Axel being more hurt about losing a nice popper. After the chuckling died down everyone got busy fishing again and Andre landed a nice 22kilo GT. When the fishing slowed down Darran decided to wait it out a bit. It proved to be a good decision since the fish soon started feeding again and the anglers were ready for them. What better way to end a fishing trip than with fish hammering poppers and tearing out drag.


Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

His biggest of the trip and a massive congratulations 

Andaman Islands Single Angler Success

One happy angler

Tackle used:

Rods: Black Hole jigging and popping rods, Ripple Fisher, Smith AMG jigging rods, Shimano Jigging and popping rods, Racepoint 250 and OBX 400 Jigging rods.

Reels: Shimano Stellas and Saragosa
Line: Power Pro, Jerry Brown and Varivas
Lures: F C Labo, Cubera, Hammerhead, Hots and Seven Seas jigs

Fish caught: Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Red Bass, Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna Job Fish and Black Tipped Shark.

What a great looking week these guys had and if you would like to join in on some of this action but do not have a big enough group then these trips are for you, no extra charge for being a single or smaller group, we will take care of everything. Below are the only dates we have left so don’t hesitate in contacting us.

20/01/2017 – 29/01/2017Single Angler WeekSOLD OUT

10/02/2017 – 19/02/2017Single Angler WeekSOLD OUT

19/03/2017 – 28/03/2017Single Angler WeekSOLD OUT

10/04/2017 – 19/04/2017Single Angler Week4 PLACES

To view the full trip details of the above single angler weeks Click Here

Tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Karl

    How much is the deposit? my friend and I are interested in your last week. We do not have any popper fishing tackle is this something we can hire and I also notice that it includes flights from London. Can we fly from somewhere else in the UK as we both live near Newcastle

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Karl thank you for you enquiry about 2 spaces on our single angler week. We are asking for an initial deposit of £500pp to hold you place. Once the trip is then full we will need your deposit made up to 50%.

      We can hire you all the fishing tackle you will need from popper fishing to vertical jig fishing plus all the terminal tackle if you need it. I can forward you a list of things you can hire along with prices. We can of course look for alternative airports nearer to your home. Once I have looked at flight options I shall contact you to let you know what I have found for you.

      Thanks for contacting us and speak soon


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