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Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands


Another amazing GT popper trip Andaman Island and we love reading reports like this as its alway great to see people experience the amazing sport of GT popper fishing for the very first time.



We had another group of first timers this time from the UK, Graham and his son Darren, Robin and Rick teamed up for their first experience popping and jigging. The guys had fished in Florida before for Tarpon and had researched the tackle they would require on the internet so they were quite prepared in terms of their setups when they got here. Their popping rods, although rated for 200 gm lures, were more suited to the 120-150 gram range of lures. We advised them to try the rods out first and if they were not up to the job we would change them for the Racepoint 150s.


“What to expect when jigging and popping for the reef’s bad boys”


After setting up tackle the first priority was to give them a briefing about what to expect when jigging and popping for the reef’s bad boys, plus they also had to contend with the heat and humidity that April brings with no wind to cool you down. Briefing done we’d would need get them their first Geets and take it from there.


Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

A cracking picture of a double hook-up

Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

A nice beast GT these are just average size but they are going to hurt


What we like about first time groups is that the expectations are not there so they are easier to teach and vary techniques. It usually happens that first time popper & jig anglers get great results in the Andaman’s and this trip was no exception – they got the results and more…


Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

Wow a quadruple hook-up typical Andaman Islands fishing

Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

A bruiser of a GT they look so mean


It’s no easy job to jig and pop all day but the guys were upto it, well done!! By the end of Day 1, Darren was casting like a pro and belting out the lures. He was getting the results too! I worked with the guys on their casting and jigging techniques which needed minor refinements to work the lures properly and the results started coming.


“Solid fish being landed almost every day”


We did have the slow periods, as is usual in the course of 6 fishing days and there were missed or dropped fish but the action was happening with solid fish being landed almost every day.


Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

The smile tells the whole story, hot, sticky but unbelievable fishing


To keep the guys going on hot days we change spots regularly to try and get the anglers refreshed between sessions. The combination of jigging and popping mixed with a bit of trolling worked well and kept the team focused.


“Triple hook-ups and continuous action”


Once all the team: Graham, Darren, Rick and Robin had each got their 20kg GT, the target they had set for themselves, the fishing really took off, with quadruple and triple hook-ups and continuous action. The big GTs also came out to play. Luckily for Darren his rod lasted till noon on day 6 when a proper Big Boy came out and was having none of the pressure put onto him without putting some hurt back on. The rods from Florida had done well until then but no more as Darren was left with a 2 piece rod and a lost trophy. Such is fishing.


Another Amazing GT Popper Trip Andaman Islands

A few other species to add variety, see what the total species list was below


It would come as no surprise they are already planning their next tropical adventure to go after the reef’s top thugs again. If you would like to experience this amazing sport of GT popper fishing Click Here to see ALL our GT fishing destinations.


Species Caught:

GT, Dogtooth tuna,
Coral Trout,
Bluefin Trevally,
Twin Spot Snapper,

Tackle used:
Rod: Florida Custom, Shakespere, Major Craft
Reel: Shimano, Maxell, Penn
Lure: Manic Lures Mura Mura, Cubera, Wahoo Stickbait
Line: Power Pro
Leader: Momoi

Tight Lines

Peter Collingsworth


  1. Henry

    That trip looks amazing, so is this what we can really expect from a trip?

    How many people to a boat?

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Yes Henry

      Just check out all our blogs on this tour, you can find the destination on our website under India called “GT’s & Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Andaman Islands”

      You can see lots and lots of reports for this destination.

      In relation to numbers we have two boats one can take 4 anglers the other a max of 3 anglers.

      Regards Peter

      1. Henry


        There is two of us, do you have any interested people who would like to make up a group at least 3 people or we could go for four.

        1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

          No worries, I will add all your details to our single angler list so if anyone comes looking we can pair you all together is that ok?

        2. Henry


  2. Jules

    Do you do tackle hire?

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Hi Jules,

      Welcome to Sportquest Holidays.

      Yes there is tackle hire available, plus there is a small shop at the accommodation.

      Check out the whats included and excluded section on this tour, you will also find all prices for tackle hire on there.

      Hope that helps.


      1. Jules

        Found it perfect thnks

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