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fly fishing for sea trout villa maria argentina

Good Weeks Fishing Report Villa Maria Lodge

Good Weeks Fishing Report Villa Maria and this week we had 6 guests in the lodge, all of them had already been to Villa Maria many times. They were: Mike, Bill, Dave and Phillip from USA, Jonathan from UK and Gilbert from Belgium.

The fishing was very good during the week. The weather was very nice, sunny and not too windy. Fortunately, the second half of the week we had overcast days which are much better for fishing. The river was low and clear and the temperature of the water was very good, around 12/14 degrees. We caught 95 fish and hooked 136. The average fish p/day p/person was 2,6. Although we are still catching silver and fresh fish, we started to catch more colored fish which means the fall is coming and the fish are preparing to spawn.

It was a very special week for me, last Friday we went fishing with the guide for a couple of hours before the warm up session and I caught a huge 33,5 lbs seatrout! A really monster fish, very fresh, silver chrome! Everything in that fish was perfect, the conditions, the color, the shape the size! It was my biggest seatrout ever and the biggest fish ever caught in Villa Maria Lodge, the previous record was 32 lbs. I used a Z-Axis 12´,9´´ #8, a Rio shooting head S3/S4 with 6 feet of T14 in the tip. As a fly I used a “Martello leech” a very effective patter tied by my friend Ale Martello who is guiding this season in Villa Maria. Apart from this fish, Phillip caught a beautiful 27 pounder male with an intermediate line and a very small fly, well done Phil!

River Conditions: The river was low and clear during the week. The water temperature was good, between 9 to 14 degree Celsius.

Fishing Techniques and flies: We fished with Skaggit lines and Type 8 tips. There were a few pools were we used intermediate tips. Regarding flies, we used mostly leeches, rubber legs and tube flies.


We caught 95 fish and hooked 136 during the week.

Average fish per rod: 2,6 fish p/rod p/day.

Biggest fish: 33,5 and 27 pounds.

The average weight was 10,2 pounds.

We caught 13 fish over 15 lbs and 11 fish over 20 lbs during the week.

Biggest fish of the week was caught by Alejandro Bianchetti (33,5 lbs) and Phillip Young (27 lbs)

Top Rod; Dave Mc Leod with 21 fish.

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