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Andaman Fishing Report

Awesome Fishing Report Andaman Islands

Awesome Fishing Report Andaman Islands The Andaman Islands still never cease to amaze me with reports like this with its sheer amount and size of GT’s they catch. I know we keep saying it but this place is going to be very big in the World of GT fishing. With all the work the guides are doing it really is a once in a lifetime experience and one that we would highly recommend to any angler. Read their full report below:

In the initial days of popping and jigging in the Andaman Islands we catered to a vastly varied set of customers from around the world. Of this set of keen fishermen we hardly saw any of our fellow countrymen. The vast majority of anglers in India still preferred shore based sea fishing or when in a boat chose to troll. Access to tackle and knowledge of the possibilities available were limited. Over time with exposure and an opportunity we began to see a rise in the number of anglers from India coming out with us. We also saw vast improvements in tackle carried and obviously a larger expectation in fish. We’ve always been firm believers that there exists a vast potential within India and the local angling community.

We are now visited yearly by a couple of groups of dedicated Indian anglers who have taken the long and arduous road to becoming skilled GT fishermen. Luckily for us we still manage to exceed their expectations, when it comes to catching GT!

Another example of an Andaman GT that was taken on popper. The angler, Saif in this case was fishing with a large popper over a the edge of a deep reef. Again we’ve noticed poppers like the Craftbait GT3, Orion Cono Cono and Cubera 150 have the ability to raise deeper water GT. These lures have become must haves for any serious GT angler planning on looking for big GT in the Andaman Islands.

 We feel we’ve just scratched the surface and are at the beginning of a long and eventful journey of sport-fishing in the Indian Ocean region. Also with the opening of our second location we now have access to a very versatile fishery in Sri Lanka with opportunities with light and mangrove casting venues, a excellent GT fishery and possibly a pelagic fishery with healthy populations of blue, black marlin and sail-fish. We also hope these varied locations would make it a lot easier for anglers from home to get a crack at catching their dream fish with.
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